Cars and Vehicles Heading To Nigeria


It will no longer be business as usual for people bringing in cars and vehicles into Nigeria. Usually these people load their vehicles with all kinds of things. Often these things are condemned articles in Europe and other places. In rare cases cool and new items are loaded into cars, buses or other second hand vehicles heading to naija.

They are redefined and resold in Nigeria.

A few weeks ago some people tried to smuggled arms and ammunitions into Nigerian through the Lagos port. Since then it has been “bad for business” for people whose livelihood depends on bringing second hand stuffs into Nigeria. Now if you are sending a loaded car or vehicle to Nigeria there is a risk that no shipping agent will get it off the ground.

But it will be interesting to know how arms proliferated in the Nigeri Delta area of Nigeria during the Obasanjo/ Odili arrangement. It would actually be more interesting to hear from Jonathan about his opinions and knowledge about the “seeping” of arms into that region having served as a deputy gov and then governor.

I really feel sorry for some people that I know. I mean there are guys out here who live on sending stuffs to Naija. They must be thinking hard now on the next level.

Maybe they have to switch to containers. I am sure they can still do their loading with containers by increasing their investment capital. But it will be a tough call and I really wish them the best of luck. They are naija or people connected to naija and I’m sure they will find a way out of the dilemma.