Nigeria, O Nigeria..!

Adeola Aderounmu
My lamentations continue and the story goes on that Nigeria is a very sick country.

I have uninterestedly followed the ministerial list/nominations drafted by Mr. Jonathan or whoever is responsible for the shortlisting-maybe the state governors or senators or godfathers.

There is a serious problem because what is happening is the same old stupid act being played out in a new predictable chapter. The foundations of this country were destroyed many years ago or maybe it didn’t even exist in the first place.

Nigeria is so divided that with the way things are (or have been) there is no hope. I don’t see any progress coming soon as a result of the lack of the understanding of the basic principles of democracy, fairness and justice.

Whilst there are one or two outstanding names on the list, the bulk of it shows that we continue to draw up Ministerial list based on state of origin and ethnicity. You will never find a greater sign of unwholesome division and failure of nations in human history. The trademarks are clearly evident in the way Nigerians think and act. This country may never know progress for as long as this is the way we want to do things.

I am not sure if it was the military that bestowed this method of governance on Nigeria or if we allowed ourselves to be swindled by the morons and brainless people in the corridors of power. How did they get there in the first place?

Nigeria will probably not make any visible progress nationally in the coming decades until a major change takes place.

It is wrong to draw up Ministerial list from states of origin or ethnicity. It is a stupid argument to state that that is how to achieve balance in Nigeria. Indeed it is a sign of mediocrity.

For this country to make progress and to ever even think of becoming a developing nation (Nigeria is not developing dime!), public institutions and other parastatals that influence the quality of our lives must be run by people who are capable and qualified, not people who are useless and stupid. We continue to bring is irresponsible people into our public institutions because of their ethnicity and origin.

Until we accept that this is wrong and anti-progress, this country will know no peace and make no progress. Until the voice of reason subdues the voice of sycophancy, we are going nowhere. Until we are able to find that mechanism that will relegate state of origin and ethnic background, we are only demonstrating laughable acts out of our weak national cognitive abilities.

All over the world, states and governments are functioning or trying to function by electing competent people into offices and sacking them once there are major shortcomings or issues of concerns. In Nigeria we continue to rewards thieves and their families and friends. What a joke! What a useless attitude!

Who would have cared if all the Ministers are from the old Bendel State if electricity is constant? Who would have cared if all the Ministers come from Adamawa if water flows in every home and schools and roads are world-class standard?

Who would have cared where the president comes from if he doesn’t steal? Who would have cared if he was rightly elected (and sack-able) under normal democratic circumstances? What would I care if the quality of my life in Nigeria can be as someone living in a less prosperous European or Africa countries.

With the wealth from Nigeria, Nigerians should be living the best life quality in the entire world. The reverse is the case-some of the world’s poorest people are living in Nigeria. What nonsense! What an aberration!

Check out Mr. Jonathan’s list. He didn’t make them for sure. There are limits to what he could have as “his” inputs. The rest are from godfathers, political gladiators, PDP (the most evil party in Africa) and individuals whom Mr. Jonathan owed one political favour or the other.

Based on the mechanism of drawing up the list, just a little fault lies with Mr. Jonathan. The rest lies on the failed system that operates in Nigeria. The Nigeria system remains a recipe for disaster. It is a recipe for profits for political conquerors of Nigeria. Once you get into that clique, all you need to do is to play safe and dance to the turn of the reigning Caesar. You will always earn your reward for loyalty. Then you can be in the position to either directly or systematically loot the country until your time fade out.

History will not forgive these wicked souls benefitting from Nigeria while the rest of us are suffering. History I pray should never be kind to these people and their offspring. They ruined us!

They loot and plunder the land. We have no water, we had to make boreholes. We have no electricity, they sold generators that we bought. We pollute the land and inhale poisonous gases everyday. They closed our schools and send their children abroad or the best private universities which they owned. They took everything that made us happy away. They stole our future. They took our lives away.

And they continue to bring in their offspring and their likes (they called it federal character) just to ensure that we remain in captivity. For all they care this can last forever. They call us Nigerians but they act like they are not part of us. They are even worse than the colonial masters. They are worse because they took everything away.

When will the glory of this country return?

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