Anambra Election Already on the Path on Chaos?

By Adeola Aderounmu.

Fake Electoral and Polling Materials are already in circulation in Anambra States, Eastern Nigeria. This is ahead of the governorship Election coming up in February 2010.

The Police have intercepted some of these materials but who knows how many of such materials are in hidden places at this moment? Now we have blamed the Electoral Commission for frauds in past elections and that is true.

But here we see how some of the frauds are initiated by candidates. If the Nigerian State is well organised, by now we should have been told which of the candidates owned the seized fraudulent electoral materials. Such a candidate should be named, disgraced and disqualified for attempting to cheat.

If there are ways to detect if other candidates have acquired similar papers or are planning similar frauds, we should be informed immediately.

This type of revelation indicates that Nigeria is not ready for true democracy. Nigerian public office holders and seekers alike are not ready to compete fairly for votes. It has never happened before in the ugly history of elections in Nigeria. Candidates always cheat or are imposed on the populace by electoral officers.

It is just too shameful and unbearable that despite our wealth of experience and knowledge the Nigerian political sphere is dominated by stupid candidates and do-or-die politicians.

Again the bottom line is the fact that they want to steal, loot and destroy the country. Otherwise I don’t see any reason why a sane person would want to cheat to acquire a public office.

Public offices are meant for service to the people. Such offices take your time, dedication and selfless efforts. But it is not so in Anambra or anywhere else in Nigeria.

I am still hoping that one day sanity will reign supreme in Nigeria. Indeed it will require multi-faceted efforts and determination on the parts of the people who are still sane and selfless. We are surrounded by too many people whose ideas of public service is nothing but self enrichment which makes the means to such offices not only requiring desperate measures but deadly approaches through the use of violence, assassination and free fight.

If only the police can tell us who the useless owner of the fake electoral materials are..!

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