Atiku Abubakar Needs Help

By Adeola Aderounmu

Once out of power, many individuals cannot handle the situation. They get so illusioned about the realities of life that they start to do (sometimes) crazy things and express (quite often) unbelievable expressions.

Atiku Abubakar is the former vice president of Nigeria. He occupied that position for 8 years (1999-2007).

Now, Atiku says that Nigeria’s problem is leadership.

This is what I don’t understand about Nigerian Politicians. When did he realise that leadership was our problem? What did he do about it as the VP for 8 years? He mentioned that Obasanjo was not prepared to be a leader?

Why would any sane person be the vice president for a leader whom you know is not ready for such a position.

The other day, Atiku went to Otta to reconcile with Obasanjo.

If we put this statement side-by-side with the visit to Otta, it means he is telling us that he is ready to be our next president.

I hope that dream never comes true.

Atiku belongs to the group of politicians who have milked Nigeria dry. He stole, and stole and stole. This is the same with Obasanjo. They both stole as much as they could and we remember very well, the bitter war that they fought over the third term agenda of Obasanjo.

If Atiku is forgetful, someone should show him the way to his favourite clinic-The London Hospital. He needs a checkup before his senility surpasses that of that man in East Africa.

AND can someone nearby tell Atiku to shut-up!

He is making a fool of himself with his actions and utterances. He must stop insulting our collective intelligence.

8 years of Atiku-Obasanjo must NEVER be allowed to re-surface in Nigeria under any guise, not even as Atiku as president.

I hope the people will be allowed to vote for once in their life time whenever the next election is schedule to hold. I hope Nigeria gets out of the stagnation of 49 years!!!

With someone like Atiku thinking of leading Nigeria: No greater hopelessness!!!

3 thoughts on “Atiku Abubakar Needs Help

  1. Mr. Writer or whoever you are, I am sorry to say that, you do not sound as informed as you want to make us believe. I advise you to get your facts right. It is very good that, your comments were anonymous otherwise, you would have been taken to task to butress your claims.


  2. Mr. Wale… the writer has expressed themselves with free rein. You also have that right. Our politicians deserve to be publically criticised by our intelligentsia. They are nothing short of armed robbers with a gold pen, who create more misery and mayhem than all of the AK47 armed robbers put together. Nigeria is a failed state that cannot take care of it’s own citizens. Hence, the physical drain out of the country to suck dick in Rome and wash plates in Madrid. It is so bad that the majority of the populace seek positivity through street pastors and $$$ religion.


  3. Your Excellency,

    I am working on a project tagged: YOUTHS IN THE STREET …where dose our future lie.

    It’s a movement of 15,000 youth walk organized to generate support for any one who fits into the shoe of a true LEADER (Presidential Candidates).

    This youth walk will parade the 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

    Your Excellency, I humbly request for an appointment with you Sir, to present this project in it full package. I am Sir.

    Ajirioghene John Odafe


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