100 Best Blogs For Learning About Africa


100 Best Blogs for Learning About Africa

It would be nice to know how the rating was done, how the selection was made, and how many blogs were actually screened.

Anyways, I got a surprise email on friday morning (30th Jan) that my blog has been selected among the 100 Best Blogs for Learning about Africa.

I didn’t think that I would have time for blogging until March or April-so it looks like a returning from early retirement.

There are many things/issues to blog about. I can’t still imagine that I didn’t blog about Obama’s inauguration. I thought Obama flopped with the swearing in but it was a relief to know that it was the officiating Minister that screwed up.

And to imagine that Nigeria’s number 1 man is now on holiday again is heartbreaking. The guy and his aides don’t seem to get the message, or they are simply ignoring us.

I see changes sweeping around the world this year, remarkable changes that will make many people sober and reflective. Nigeria will definitely not be left out of these changes. Things will happen that will bring succour to ordinary men and women, changes that will bring more Hope perhaps greater that what Obama has promised.

From Zimbabwe to Ethiopia and Eritrea, there will be ground shaking events and renewing of the hope of better days for Africans at home and abroad.

I hope to be back to real time blogging again as soon as I get my self sorted out on personal matters.

Have a good one everyone..!

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