Are Nigeria and Abuja two great mistakes?

Are Nigeria and Abuja two great mistakes?

By Adeola Aderounmu.

For a while now, I have been wondering if Nigeria was/is a mistake. Maybe four or more countries would have been viable and prosperous instead of the one nation (Nigeria) populated by more than 90 million extremely poor people.

Indeed in the absence of corruption and very bad governance maybe Nigeria would have become the greatest country on earth. We will never know. What we know is that there are people in Nigeria whose 14th generation from now will not experience poverty because some members of their families have looted and are still looting and preparing for them-the unborn.

In the same set up called Nigeria, for example in the Niger Delta we have people who are living on less than 1 dollar a day. As these people continue to suffer, treasures and wealth are taken away from them daily and part of this wealth was used to build a new city called Abuja.

Instead of building a new capital called Abuja the right thing would have been the building of the Niger Delta. If mumu and idiots like Babangida have built the Niger Delta, we would have no militants today. There will be no MEND. There would not have been any kidnapping in the Delta and Ken Saro Wiwa would not have died.

So the questions remain: Would the people in my area of West Africa have been better off today if the vagabond Briton called Lugard did not establish NIGER AREA (Nigeria)? If the successive evil governments of Nigeria did not introduce poverty as a way of life, would MEND and other criminal militants be waging war against Nigeria today?

3 thoughts on “Are Nigeria and Abuja two great mistakes?

  1. How many of the weapons provided for the youths to rig elections in 2003 and 2007 have been recovered? These militant groups started their troubles in 2003/04 struggling over control of bunkering routes in Niger Delta. They were favored politically to make money from this illegal oil business in 2003 and they were getting richer. Atake Tom and Dokubo-Asari were the leaders of the most prominent cult groups involved in this bad business and they were working for some politicians in government.

    To be frank with you, MEND is a bunch of oil thieves in the region. All the money they were making from the oil and kidnapping since they have been in control of the bunkering business in 2004 are not spent to improve the lives of the people of the region. They used it to enrich themselves and arm themselves to make more and more than they are seeing. That is why Dokubo-Asari can afford to go abroad for medical treatment. In Nigeria, only the very rich ones seek medical treatments abroad. Considering the level of poverty in the region, what job is Dokubo doing that he is as rich as he is now? The same thing applies to the rest of the militants, they are all criminals.

    Imagine the wealth they control in the region and the accounts they own. Meanwhile, NDPVF started using the excuse of the suffering of the people in the region to perpetuate their criminal activities. I am disappointed that the press keeps avoiding the truth, they are always scared of being critical on the subject of campus cultism in Nigeria. I wonder how long it will take us to call a spade a spade. Virtually all the politicians in government today used campus cults to rig elections. They provided arms for the youths and exhaust law enforcement agencies to combat the problems.

    The people of the region deserve a serious and urgent change. They deserve better representation without being terrorized. The people are so much disaffected that they cannot support neither the government nor the militants, they are at crossroad, yet they are killed for nothing too. The government forces and the criminals kill them. Why must this continue? These people are not the cause of the uprising! It was the politicians. I think to start with, the former governor of the state, Dr. Peter Odili need to explain a lot of things for us. If he thinks otherwise, well I have a lot of questions for him and it will be better we both come on air to public talk about it.

    The problem is not only Niger Delta. Go everywhere in the country, the youths are armed beyond control, only that in the Niger Delta, oil is there and the criminals have established themselves to run illegal business forcefully with the use of sophisticated arms.

    The truth is that, without proper check and total eradication of campus cultism in Nigeria, the worst is yet to come. As far as the situation in Nigeria is for now, the people of the Niger Delta region are still not represented as oil thieves and political bandits are unleashing terrorism on the people with the use of arms to enrich themselves all in the name of fighting for the people.


  2. I have been pondering over why china should be better than a country so blessed with natural endownment like nig.ppl die everyday because they can not make a living ,some that were suppose to apt for technical skills now hunt for education for mastery,its time we fight the right fight at the right time because life in its self will never mean easy for us if we do not think twice.I so believe that if the govt. should realise the peak is here then they will povide the distinct band for drummers who are ready for the right people to dance.I am tired of being a nigerian when nothing good can come to me dispite my surfring,we are better n richer than ghana yet they manage the little the have and become contented than i beieve is a curse so we should study it well strive for education 4 technical n forget much about mastery which the govt. have us all fall if we must succeed n creat change.


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