Is there something called Compassion Ground?

Adeola Aderounmu.  

Has anyone been following the case of a Ghanaian woman who was sent home from the UK? This woman is terminally ill and requires kidney dialysis as treatment. I don’t know if a transplant is in the offing.

Yes, her UK visa expired! Indeed, she was at the wrong place!

But what does compassionate ground means when we deviate or conform to conventional norms and expectations?  What if she had died on the flight back to Ghana?

How sorrowful can it be to save a life or treat a patient against the laws surrounding immigration orders or disorders and in view of exceptional human needs?

Isn’t it from this same environment that hundreds of SOS appeals emanate daily asking us to save people in the so called 3rd world?

 It means the people who need help in the 3rd world should only get help in the 3rd world. How functional or effective is the help of SOS/humanitarian funds in that regard when all the executives in the 1st world behind the SOS slogans live in mansions and earn mega pay? Who is fooling who?

Surely, the world will be a safer and a better place if people appeal to their personal conscience first.

What a terrible world!

UPDATED 22 March 2008…

The woman in question, Ama Sumani died on the 19th of March. May her soul NOW find peace that The Ghanaian Authority and the British Government denied her.

It’s still a crazy world.

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