Vällingby-Sweden: The beautiful side of Life

Adeola Aderounmu.

I am compelled to write today about Sweden. The nearest shopping centre to where I live is called Vällingby Centrum. This centrum is gradually becoming one of the biggest centrum in Sweden at the community level.

valby.jpgA section through Vällingby Centrum with decorations of Christmas Lights.  http://www.vallingbycentrum.se

It is amazing the degree of changes and construction that have been going on at this centrum since 2003/04. The construction and expansion will continue well into 2008.

I look at the changes, the investment and the transformation that have taken place right in my presence as I walk to this centrum daily-it is simply AMAZING. There is a big difference between when you just go to a place and find changes and when you see the changes taking place right there in your presence.

Another view of Vällingby

I love Stockholm, Sweden is great!

3 Comments on “Vällingby-Sweden: The beautiful side of Life

  1. Hi Deola, Where can my brother, who is just moving to Sweden, hang out or meet Nigerians to make friend with?


  2. Pls i’m a student trying to study in sweden,pls hw can i get to meet the nigerian community?


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