Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, seriously speaking….

Adeola Aderounmu.

Let us just assume that Mugabe is right. That is to say that the problems in Zimbabwe are caused by the British and their allies. And the reason for this attribution is related to the fact that Zimbabweans took back their land from the British farmers.   

Still, I don’t understand why an 83 year old man would not want to retire from active governance and enjoy the rest of his life in tranquility. It beats my wildest imaginations! Mugabe no doubt has been a hero, helping to secure Rhodesia and transforming it to Zimbabwe. BUT at 83! Isn’t it time to take a break and let some fresh minds and the younger generation take their own future in their hands? 

To me, it doesn’t matter if the problem in Zimbabwe is caused by the British or by Mugabe’s action or heroism against the British; I think Mugabe had stayed too long. He should take a break, retire to his village, watch his great grandchildren play and enjoy the rest of the days of his life. 

One of the problems with leadership in Africa is this sit-tight attitude and the thought that things cannot be done unless “they”- the chosen ones are always present on the stage even unto death. Does anyone remember Abacha of my country of birth? He died in the most useless way a person could die while dreaming of transforming himself into a civilian leader. He was just 54! 

If only someone could tell Mugabe, ok, we know the people of Zimbabwe are suffering not because of you BUT because of the British. Maybe that will help, maybe he will be so happy and retire fulfilled. Maybe that will take a huge load off his weak shoulders. Maybe that will make him go away and rest. Maybe that is all Zimbabwe needs to chart a new course in the interest of the ordinary people who in my opinion are trapped between the devil and the Dead Sea. 

I admit that there is more to this problem in Zimbabwe that meets the ordinary eyes and I agree that several problems in Africa originated from outside Africa. Still, most of the problems will be gone if Africans put their houses in order and seek the interests of the people and country above personal gains. In Nigeria, we say that if there is no crack in the wall, the lizard will not have a chance to penetrate or hide within the wall.  

Africa as a continent is cracked…that is why all manners of imperialist effects are profound and Africa remain underdeveloped for the most. The hope for a developed Africa lies exclusively in Africa. It’s up to us what we do with ourselves. Long live Mugabe! I hope you retire now to enjoy life, you deserve it!

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