Look at Nigerian roads! Look at madness!

By Adeola Aderounmu.

Courtesy of the Nigerian Punch Newspaper of Sunday 11th Nov 2007. Here are what typical Nigerian roads look like (Using Edo State as an example).

Road 1.Click to Enlarge ugborroad.jpg Ugbor Road

Road 2: Click to enlarge  ihamaroad.jpg Ihama Road

Road 3: Amadasun road amadasun.jpg

 These are examples of typical Nigerian roads where you are supposed to drive your car!

Now tell me, how can one useless governor claimed that he spent over 300 million naira to repair these roads. We all know that is a lie.

The truth is Lucky Igbinedion stole all the monies belonging to the people of Edo when he was governor.

Tony Anenih, the former minister for works and housing is also from Edo state. Look at what they are doing to their people!

Isn’t this a big shame? How can we continue like this? Isn’t it time the people wake up and send the likes of Lucky and Tony to jail? How long shall this show of shame last?

And here is another photo below from the Nigerian Guardian: This is Benin-Ore road. This road has been rated as the WORST highway in the world.

ore-road.jpg Benin-Ore Road, click to enlarge.

Now, Nigeria is the giant of Africa….very funny.

What kind of nonsense giant is that?

I mean, this is one of the richest countries in the world which has conveniently become home to some of the poorest people in the world. AND the people are just looking and living a life of misery, hopelessness and extreme poverty.

These are just examples, imagine if you have to travel round the entire country.

I maintain that Nigerian leaders are fools!!! They are the biggest fools in the world, from the illegal president to the stupid local government chairmen. They are fools and thieves.

They are heartless and mean, they just steal money and care for themselves only.

140 MILLION others are suffering materially, mentally, socially, healthwise and in many more unthinkable ways.

Giant my foot!

Update: 20-11-2007

This is what happens on Nigerian roads: click!


9 thoughts on “Look at Nigerian roads! Look at madness!

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  2. it is such a reflief to find like-thinking minds like yours, i used to think i was being overly alergic to the disposition of our leaders and how they govern us, i was actually researching on a project topic i am writting presently on: Right to Life: An infringement by the Nigerian roads condition. i have really assessed it from all angles and have concluded that we Nigerians caused it by voting in or allowing such rulers rule intelects as us, thats why they tend to disgrace us worldwide by stealing, fighting and exhibiting other notorious attributes and it is left for us to either educate them or erase them.
    i am tackling it from the legal angle but still have same aim as you but i think insults will only do little in them, education is the key or better still, a revolution, but i must say, i am proud of you and others like you! keep it up.


  3. its same old problem and it will keep running. people are voted into power and they sit back spending money on no developmental projects.
    the minister for transport visited the benin /ore road sometime ago,what has she done about it. every body says anenih ate the money earmarked for that project and nothing was achieved. they are all the same.


  4. Edo State is not unique when it comes to the
    deplorable condition of our roads.Southwest,
    southeast states all have the same horrible
    road network.The Federal govt. will tell you
    that it is a state road and vice-versa.The money
    to fix it is been stolen by someone only to say
    that 300M Naira has been spent to fix it.What
    kind of vehicle should I bring home from the US
    to drive on these roads? a Caterpillar? YES.
    Nigeria is a failed state and our President and
    Governors do not care.Only Fashola cares for
    his people.The only Governor doing amazing
    things for his people.


  5. i its very better if nigeria will be slipt into part and are been govern by traditional rular .cos no chief or igwe or kabia isu .or even emair or eze will allow his road or empir to be as what the present government and doing


  6. All this talk -talk will not help. We should learn to take matters into our hands, See Liby, Tunisia, Egypt and others. WE need to wake up.


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