Obasanjo, can you stop talking?

Adeola Aderounmu.

Since the elections that took place in April 2007, Obasanjo has been talking like a senseless adult and that is not the common way of elders in Nigeria. He openly accepted the failures and shortcomings of the elections. So, the question is: why did he fail in something he spent 4 years to prepare for? Does he know how much money and resources that he had wasted on INEC to conduct failed elections?

He wants Nigerians to accept his failures and indeed Nigerians will accept; it is a way of life in Nigeria to “always move on”. I have never seen a people so resilient my whole life! I am Nigerian and we are all collectively guilty of accepting failed leaders and therefore we have a failed system. This means poverty for over 100 million people!!!

Obasanjo does not want to use European standards to measure election in Nigeria. What does he want to use then? It is so ridiculous how people talk or think sometimes and yet they are leading others. It is a shame to Africa and Nigeria that someone like Obasanjo speaks in public. Obasanjo wants us to use failures to measure our National progress.

I have heard some thoughtless Nigerians argue that we should give our democracy some time to grow and evolve. For heaven sake, how much time do we need? Even countries that became independent or separated in recent years conduct better elections. What happened in Nigeria on April 14 and 21 2007 are not close to elections. Gansterism was on display on those 2 dates. Every decent person must condemn the acts and atrocities of the do-or-die people destroying people (PDP) party.

If Obasanjo is too old to accept his failures, at least he should be sensible enough to keep quiet. This is a man, like many before him, who cannot bend his head in shame. He predicted a do-or-die battle for his people and it came to pass. What a leader, lacking in vision and mission? Yes, we have external reserves thanks to Obasanjo. But what about the basic things of life, like food on the table, good roads, functional education and health systems, working transportation (rail, road and air)? Why was 8 years not enough to bring hope and eagerness into the suffering masses? What is the significance of the funds wasted on NEPA and then PHCN?

One thing that is apparent from recent events actually is that the opposition leaders, who I don’t see as better beings anyway, have nothing against the victory of Yar Adua. But they do not appreciate the manner in which he has been chosen and no one should appreciate or accept that. We need to start doing things the right way and we should start now. The future starts today and it is here with us. It will be wonderful to see the scrapping of INEC and the Obasanjo regime by whichever means possible. I insist that it is possible to conduct free and fair elections in Nigeria in 2007. We have men of honour who can deliver. They live in Nigeria and they are Nigerians.

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