A memo to Barack Obama and the world media

By Adeola Aderounmu

The world needs a rethink about the expressions Nigeria and Nigerians

I am a yorubaman from western Nigeria.

The Yoruba people are not terrorists and we don’t kill foreigners.

The people of the other regions can also speak for themselves. They also have bloggers and media outfits around the world.

In northern Nigeria, a place I have vowed never to visit or travel to in my lifetime, many of the states are occupied by terrorists and they are the ones giving the bad terror image to the “rest”.

In my write-ups I will now start to use the following expressions from now on

Western Nigeria
Eastern Nigeria
Southern Nigeria
Middle-Belt Nigeria
Terrorist-Occupied Northern Nigeria

I am not a fan of Obama’s drones and I hate that men, women and children can be sent to their graves by unmanned machines called drones. The drones go against protection of human rights.

However, please when sending your drones, as you and your allies may be thinking, be clear on your mission and statements.

Don’t ever tell the world you are sending drones to Nigeria.

Your drones are likely heading to Terrorist-occupied Northern Nigeria.

I speak for my people, the Yorubas. We live in an area called the ODUDUWA LAND or ODUDUWA KINGDOM or ODUDUWA REPUBLIC

I do hope the world is watching and taking notes that Nigeria as a country is a complete fraud made in 1914 by the British.

Nigerians as you call them will never be one people, will never be one country. We all made mistakes in the past and now thinking it will work as one country. That will NEVER happen.

The people occupying that area are too diverse. I am a yorubaman and I don’t even understand 99% of the Yoruba languages. The languages are so diverse that you only master your own mother tongue.

If I don’t understand all of my own people-their languages, their behaviours, their mentalities and so on- what time do I have to accommodate an insane terrorist from the North?

The bulk of my friends are from Eastern and Western Nigeria and I am pleased with that.

So, please let us start to reconsider our vocabulary when talking about the people of the regions until now called Nigerians. We are not the same and I bet many people would like to dissociate themselves from the useless terror-prone and terrorist-occupied Northern Nigeria.

CNN, BBC, The rest of the world, please take note.

Elections and Riots, It Is In Their Character

Adeola Aderounmu

I still hold on to my views about how elections should be conducted in Nigeria. There is still a need to establish permanent workable electoral processes that will avoid wastage of funds, and on the side, lives, every four years.

Whether they like it or not Nigerians must establish electoral processes that will bring about unquestionable outcomes.

Riots in Northern Nigeria (Image from BBC Africa)

Until such a time that votes cast can be checked against a social security number or identity card numbers, Nigeria may never experience a peaceful electoral process. One of my friends called me naïve because he thought Nigeria is too complex for such ideas. How can any country be complex or complicated for progressive ideas?

Ten years ago, who could have thought that Nigerians would be using ATMs or VISA cards? But they are using them quite efficiently. So why would it be impossible to issue IDs and security numbers? It will take time but it is a course they must take. All their options and short cuts are resulting in arguments and waste of lives and property.

Many Nigerians will argue that the last presidential election was fair, free and peaceful. They have valid points. But to term the post-election violence as an expression of frustration is an understatement. There is no smoke without fire.

Some Facebook commentators have argued that the North can break away for all they care. It is not that simple and easy to solve the problems. Some people are arguing for regional governments, that even makes more sense.

Now to the just concluded presidential elections in Nigeria.

There are insinuations that the elections have been rigged.

It is one thing for elections to be free and fair. It is another thing entirely for the elections to be credible and to hold water. When results are counted at polling stations, they are usually in hundreds or a few thousands. But when they are announced by INEC, they are in millions.

The idea of register, vote and protect, in my opinion, remains meaningless if not senseless. The only thing that can be protected in any election anywhere in the world is the number of forensically identifiable individuals.

I know several Nigerians who are not voting this year. Those who have registered at “convenient venues” like places or work or familiar environment could not vote because they are not allowed to move outside their residential areas on election days.

One thing is that it is very primitive to restrict movement of people on election days. The other thing is that when Nigeria has adopted the system I suggested in previous essays people will be allowed to vote even before the real Election Day. In that case no one will be disenfranchised if restrictions to movement are enforced on the last day.

One of the commonest mistakes that election riggers make in Nigeria is that while they rigged election results, they usually forget the number of registered voters in some states or communities. The smallest of errors in an election outcome gives room for doubts and questions the integrity of the conductors. Sincerely, it does.

It is hard to believe that any particular candidate in the presidential election will gather more than 90% of votes in any state of the federation. But Jonathan got 99% of the votes in some states. This is a very obvious error on the part of the manipulators and riggers. That one candidate can gather between 90 – 99.6% in any state of the federation ought to be investigated and scrutinized closely. All the electoral materials from such states should be surrendered to independent panel for verification. But do they have anything that is independent in Nigeria?

Buhari said he is in possession of evidence that can prove that INEC computers were pre-programmed to deliver the winning ticket to the PDP. He also said he has some questions for INEC regarding some results.

No one can doubt that computers can be programmed or re-programmed. If truly Buhari has made this claim and if he has the evidence why not produced it/them immediately?

He should also be asking all his questions now using the appropriate medium/ media.

The situation in the North cannot be allowed to continue unabated.

Riots have broken out in Northern Nigeria, People are dying, houses, churches and offices are being torched and burnt down. Supporters of PDP are the targets and it is easy to predict that the next targets will be southerners living in the North.

The riots in Northern Nigeria are condemnable, and very unnecessary. It once again shows how divided Nigerians are and it gives more weight to the argument that Nigerians should divide the country and let every region goes its separate way. This is a complicated resolution and civil wars may break out in several regions. Nigeria remains a volatile country.

Nigerians don’t know yet who ordered these riots but they do know that the rulers or elders in the North are slack and slow. They are watching as their territories are set ablaze. How low are their mentalities? What is Buhari’s position concerning these riots? Can he go out on the streets and call his supporters and street gangsters to order?

There are ways to seek redress and he cannot allow the morons that are on the loose to destroy his reputation. They have already.

I looked at the table of election results and I conclude that though the elections were relatively free, they are far from being credible. 90% of votes in one state going to one candidate is suspicious, 99,6% is definitely a fabrication or a figment of someone’s imagination. The results justify the billions of naira that Mr. Jonathan had siphoned from the Nigerian economy to ensure that he wins.

Money remains the number one influence in Nigerian elections. Even INEC surprised itself and the bookmakers because I am in shock as to why Jega printed re-run papers. One day in Nigeria votes will be counted genuinely like we did in 1993 when MKO Abiola won the freest and fairest election ever in the history of Nigeria.

Meanwhile Jonathan and Sambo must stop the violence in the North. The celebrations are over and, as the rulers of Nigeria; they have a first major assignment on their hands.

Gaddafi, Stop Killing Nigerians..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Seriously someone has to talk to Gaddafi straight in the face. With all the killings that have been reported in the past days or weeks Gaddafi should be on his way to the criminal tribunal.

Killing people secretly or after secret trials is unlawful. Stop this mad act.

There are allegations that would-be-immigrants are being rounded up at the desert and taken to Libya for execution. This is not right. It is unlawful

There must be an authority somewhere to call Gaddafi to order and another authority to issue a warrant of arrest on Gaddafi.

I am also calling on the Nigerian Government to take off their garments of corruption and tackle this deadly issue as early as NOW.