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Why Nigerians Should Not Vote Atiku or Jonathan or Ribadu

Adeola Aderounmu Nigerians are too gullible no doubt. They are in the habit of settling for less. They adopt and accept bad people as their rulers. When you argue with a typical Nigerian he says that one bad person is better than another bad… Continue Reading “Why Nigerians Should Not Vote Atiku or Jonathan or Ribadu”

MAY 29 2007-MAY 29 2008:Another Year Wasted!

Adeola Aderounmu. It’s been one full year since an illegitimate government was installed or enthroned in Nigeria. One can easily be deceived that Nigeria is ungovernable because of the divergence of people, opinions, cultures, attitudes and size of the country. But Nigeria is not… Continue Reading “MAY 29 2007-MAY 29 2008:Another Year Wasted!”

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