Nigerian President Wants Ballot Snatchers Killed

By Adeola Aderounmu

“….at the expense of his life”

This means death.


We have said it that this man should be taken off the ballot.

How can you say….”expense of his life’?

Because of ballot boxes?

Nowadays, nobody even snatches ballot boxes. Buhari is not even aware how the APC rigging machine brought him to power in 2015.

What a shame!

Rigging is done by manipulating results digitally through INEC.

In several states, like we saw in Abia state last week, results are written even before the elections are conducted. Yes. It is so in many places in Nigeria.

In Lagos, Tinubu can make anyone or anybody governor or assembly members. How is that possible? Buhari should just go home and stop disgracing his family in public.

Expense of his life….because of ballot box. This guy is not normal at all.


This video was viral on the day of the cancelled election, 16th february and it showed how election results are written by some state governor and passed to state INEC for announcement. This guy was unfortunate and surely somebody tipped the opposition or the police.

The guy did not snatch a ballot. He had results in his hands and the voting did not even take place.

Buhari’s statement is reckless, hopeless and taste of blood and vengeance. I maintain that Buhari is not a normal human being and should not be running on the platform of the APC.

History will remember that some of us kept to our stance/stand on this issue and many more in Nigeria. People may not care now, but the future generations will be guided by the mistakes of this reckless and slave-like generation of Nigerians.



Nigerian Undergraduate to be hanged for Robbery? Seriously?

By Adeola Aderounmu

One report in the punch newspaper today revealed that a Makurdi High Court sentenced one Jacob Atongo, a 100-level sociology student of Benue State University, to death by hanging for armed robbery.

Yea, he was probably carrying out the robbery at gun point.


So what is supposed to be the judgement or penalty for all the living and ex-nigerian presidents, Ministers, commissioners, governors and several other former and present serving politicians who rob Nigeria and Nigerians daily.

If this story is true, then I think everybody in Aso rock should be sentenced to death by hanging and almost everybody in political offices in Nigeria should be lined up and shot or hanged!

I mean we are still battling robbery by government everyday and no one has given us in clear terms what the punishments are going to be. From the presidency in Nigeria to the least of the local government, you have robbers who steal officially.

Then one undergraduate steals and will be killed just the same way angry mobs kill people who steal N5 or a cube of maggi.

Nigeria is no ordinary country.

The laws are mostly made to kill and oppress everybody except the politicians and those in advantageous positions and access to infleunce.

Truly if this guy is killed, I am of the opinion that all the Nigerian politicians who rob, have robbed and still robbing also deserved to be killed. Robbery is robbery and no one should be above the law.


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