Olu Falae’s Kidnapp/Abduction Is An Act Of War

By Adeola Aderounmu

Update….Chief Falae is now a free man again. We are waiting to hear the true version of what happened. Fulani or Yoruba or Igbo kidnappers???

Baba please let us hear. 24.sept 2015 update.

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Olu Falae is missing.

Olu Falae

Olu Falae

One thing that the police confirmed is that Fulani herdsmen invaded Olu Falae’s farm. They attacked him and his workers.

Until there are information to prove this theory wrong, then one is bound to react on the statement made by the police.

If it will turn out to be an inside job, we don’t know yet.

Therefore our reactions are based on what we know now.

The only confirmed aspect of this story gives the impression of a foreign assault on Yorubaland and a direct invitation to war.

The national security agencies and the state police command must make the finding of Olu Falae their common priority.

What has happened to Olu Falae is completely unacceptable.

The Hausa Herdsmen or the Hausa people that may have abducted or kidnapped Falae must produce him alive, immediately.

If anything happens to him, no one will be able to guarantee the security of the Hausa community in Western Nigeria.

This is why Buhari must speak the language that his people understand.

Our common hope is that the police and the other security agencies will see to the end of the dilemma ASAP.

Whatever any Yoruba citizen has written about the seriousness of this kidnapp/abduction must not be taken with a pinch of salt.

The well-being of the Yoruba people is parmount in the Yorubaland. When one of us is unduly harrassed or subjected to this form of unnecessary humiliation, then we are all harrassed and humiliated.

I am shocked beyond words that some idiots and useless elements within Nigeria will abduct a yoruba elder from Yorubaland.

If the abductors are Hausa herdsmen, someone should remind them of the genesis of the Nigerian civil war. This is even worse because the man is on his farm in his own country-Western Nigeria.

The government of Nigeria must ensure that the fools are apprehended as soon as possible and that Baba Falae returns home.

There are no alternatives to this demand.

Why would anyone kidnapp Nollywood Actor Nkem Owoh?

Adeola Aderounmu

Nkem Owoh has been reportedly kidnapped. A few weeks ago it was Pete Edochie who was kidnapped. No one has mentioned exactly how much was paid for his ransom, but believe me it must be millions of naira. Officially one liar will tell you nothing was paid.

Nkem Owoh is a famous Nigerian Nollywood actor. He is versatile and can fit into several role-plays in movies/ comedies. Now he has been kidnapped. I wonder how much his abductors are demanding and who they have been talking to. But it is a shame that these evil kidnappers would kidnapp such a honest and hardworking fellow. Now they want to rip him of his hard earned money. Nkem is famous for his role in Osuofia in London, a bestselling Nollywood comedy with settings in Nigeria and London. I do not appreciate his involvement in the “I go chop your dollar musical” because it advocated for yahoo-yahoo boys involved in the 419 fraud.

Nevertheless one hopes that this famous and popular Nigerian actor is not killed by the kidnappers. Sincerely I wish they let me go as soon as possible. We should learn to appreciate and elevate our movie stars. This type of evil intention is sending a wrong signal that Nigeria is perpetually unsafe for her celebrities and tourists. Kidnappers have abducted all kinds of people in Nigeria making it one of the most dangerous places on earth. I do know that the US, Mexico and South Africa are among the categories of dangerous places. It seems Nigeria does not want to be outplayed in any way.

Who do we blame? These kidnappers are lazy bunch and they put the blame on the government. Fine..! But why not find a way to address the government directly probably through mass revolt or demonstrations to drive home your points. The kidnapping of innocent people, mostly non-politicans is surely not the way to go. It is simply an act of cowardice to go after women, children and helpless men who are also struggling to find their daily bread.

I have classified the Nigerian government as wicked and senseless and I stand by that. The Nigerian government is corrupt, slow, inefficient and illegal. All of these problems bothering on insecurity of life and property stops at the doorsteps of the lazy government that is busy enriching the politicians and doing almost nothing for the general citizenry.

There are reports that members of the LOC for the ongoing U17 games in Nigeria are buying houses abroad and importing cars from USA even while the competition is in progress. It is this kind of official madness that motivates the millions of jobless youth into nefarious activities. With xmas around the corner in a nation of bad rulers, the rage of crime is expected to increase. Which way Nigeria?

Please find Nkem Owoh, the Nigerian masses love him and we want to see him in Nollywood for many years to come.