Nigeria’s Jagajaga Politics, A Disgrace To Both Common Sense and Humanity

Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria’s politics is total rubbish. There is nothing in Nigeria’s politics to support the true meaning of democracy.

Just the other day the rascal man from the delta who belongs to a rascal party was calling the other people rascals. When confronted, his yeye pressman said the name was not ascribed to anyone. I hope I have not ascribed rascal to that man whose wife thought she is a dame.

The shapes of things to come in the April polls have started emerging.

INEC has started publishing names of candidates. In several cases the names do not tally with the candidates that were selected in the various states. I won’t subscribe to that nonsense that anyone was elected. I have not seen elections in Nigeria.

What the candidates and their sponsors or godfathers have been doing is competition with money and votes buying across the nation. In some situations, candidates were forced down the throats of party members and delegates.

Nigeria and Nigerians need to define their politics. To say that it is democracy is pure madness. Nigeria is not a democratic nation.

The new battle for the soul of Nigeria has begun. The rascals across Nigeria are now into the usual roforofo fights. Lists of names and counter lists have been sent to INEC.

There are so many useless provisions, laws and appropriations that are easy to manipulate and misinterpret and use for different dubious purposes depending on the rascals involved.

Ogun state PDP for example has its own list. Obasanjo has his own separate list. The National body of the number one rascal party in Nigeria-the PDP- will soon come up with a new compromised list. And the names will keep changing and rotating from Ogun, to Enugu, to Kano and other states.

One set of looters will become angry, they will change party affiliation citing marginalization in the evil party they helped build, the party that provided them the means to loot and steal from the people. I called them political prostitutes in an earlier post.

Even Abacha’s son is back on the list of his political party. He won and was bashed but he bounced back.

In some places, evil is resurrecting and elsewhere it continues to rise.

Nigeria’s politics is complete jagajaga. Pure rubbish! It makes no sense. This is because there is only one goal and that goal is that politics is the number one way to become a legalized thief in Nigeria.

So when you think of INEC, ICPC and EFCC, just laugh it off because all these agencies are controlled by thieves and looters as well. In Nigeria, it is a survival thing.

For all the monies that have been stolen and looted at the presidency, at the executive arm, at the various state governments, at the local councils, and in the houses of assemblies and representatives, how much of it has been recovered by the EFCC? How many have been arrested and sent to jail?

One man took up the Dimeji-scam challenge, he went to court but both EFCC and ICPC want the case thrown out. You must love Nigeria. If you are a political thief or a looter, you are home.

So the scramble and struggle for political offices will continue to be a matter of life and death, do-or-die. I mean if by now, all these thieves know that they will go to jail for all they have stolen, there will be no list/ counter-list flying around. What will be emanating from INEC will be authentic lists of the selected.

Sadly that is not the situation. And I continue to urge Nigerians to see INEC as INEC. Don’t look up to Jega. People who occupy that kind of position in Nigeria are usually helpless. They are not the problem and they will not be the solution.

One man can make a difference only if the man has incorruptible principles and a charisma that is volatile or infective. These are the characters of the men who started the ongoing and persistent revolts in Tunisia and Egypt. But in a country where for inexplicable reasons, we the people are sagged and unbelievably and scandalously passive, it begs for more than a man. It begs for the removal of the religious veils sown by commercial religious rulers and worn by our compatriots.

I’m trying hard to remember not to use the word leader for anyone in political or religious institutions. In Nigeria, there are no leaders.

Our system is wrong. No individual will be able to run INEC successfully until the fundamental issues have been addressed.

No individual will be able to run EFCC or even the Nigerian presidency successfully until we address the basic/ fundamental problems facing Nigeria.

All these weak, incompetent and useless public institutions will continue to follow the schemes of the evil people in power and all of them will take as much money as they want, and they will never get enough. It’s a curse that must be broken.

We left the drawing board a long time ago or we set out without a compass. We have no bearings.

Today Nigeria is not seen as a country. To many of us it is an economic jungle and survival of the fittest is the name of the game. It’s a rat race!

It therefore becomes imperative that some serious negotiations must take place among all the various nationalities within Nigerian to define the purpose for the nation (or nations within Nigeria).

Actually there is no one way forward and there are no simple solutions since the country has been plundered for over 50 years by thieves, sycophants, looters and tropical gangsters. Even foreigners have looted our treasures. We cracked big time!

Nevertheless to emerge from the present useless order of things, something very radical and probably unconventional must be done. Something must happen to eradicate all these bad people who continue to represent Nigeria. Change and accountability must come one way or the other.

These recuperations, in its sociological sense must be initiated by the ordinary people when they have become organized. One charismatic man or not, the people it is, who must fight for their freedom.