Dora Akunyili: How to Destroy a Reputation

By Adeola Aderounmu.

If Dora Akunyili doesn’t understand the plan of the illegal regime she is serving in, she is about to be taught a lesson. All that we know about Dora is that she has served meticulously well as the boss of NAFDAC-National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control.

During her tenure, she has saved millions of lives in Nigeria by preventing the spread of fake drugs in the Nigerian market. Obviously some people have been put out of business by her candid service and honest disposition. These people are annoyed and angry because they cannot import fake drugs into Nigeria from Asia.

It is such people who have “pressed the right button” and have now made it possible for Dora to be removed from NAFDAC and made the new minister for (mis)information in Nigeria. In my recent memory, I haven’t seen or heard any sane pronouncement from Nigeria’s Information Ministers or Press Secretaries. Once you get into government in Nigeria, you become stupid. Your morals are gone and your wild instincts take over you. It’s a curse!

All you do as a Minister for Information in Nigeria is to sell and propagate propaganda. Does anyone remember lesser hajj by Yar Adua-The worst lie in 2008! Dora is about to be messed up in the Nigeria Media Warfare. I feel so sorry for her already because I’m one of those who will be bashing her lies into the gutters. I’m sure I will not hesitate to call her a liar or basket mouth once she starts to say the wish and minds of the cabal or junta in Abuja.

Public service in Nigeria has a way of turning sane minds into stereotyped buffoons. Not many people have returned from Ministerial posts, governor’s position or such as normal people. They end up mega-rich from stealing and looting without limits. They forget what they see on the streets and they live behind closed doors or take endless trips abroad. Suddenly, it becomes-I’m fine, what do I care?

I am feeling sorry for Dora big time. Money, fame and power cannot be it all. There should be a time to say goodnight. It’s always when the ovation is loudest. I’m afraid she’s going down with this illegal regime. She fell for the plan and it seems she’s bracing up for the challenges.

The strongest battle in information right now is that Yar Adua is clamping down on bloggers and internet news service that are critical of his illegal government. Time will tell how Dora fits into this and we’ll see if she will endorse the “arrest or kill bloggers” policy of his master and dictartor-Umaru Yar Adua. Yar Adua must know that some of us are prepared to die for the truth. It’s a course we cannot turn away from. He is their president, our tormentor!

Yar Adua’s Clamp Down on Nigerian Bloggers

BY Adeola Aderounmu.

Nigerian bloggers should beware. The latest thing on the agenda of the illegal president in Nigeria is to clamp down on Nigerian Bloggers and make them suffer. It is possible that some will be killed because the Nigerian government does not respect life.

All the bloggers who have been criticizing the government are now more or less on the wanted list of the Nigerian State Security Service (SSS).

These are trying moments for Nigerian bloggers and journalists who are now afraid to say their minds or the truths about an illegal regime and a failed government.

Who could have thought that a fellow like Yar Adua would resolve to this evil path?

He was bundled into our existence by Obasanjo who rather than sink alone decided that all Nigerians must sink with him because of a failed 3rd term agenda.

And in my country, people turned the other side of their faces when you slap them on one side.

Any Nigerian blogger planning to visit Nigeria this christmas should be careful but then you cannot be too careful. The evil people are at the airport, they will pick you up on arrival. Ask Elendu Jonathan!

I heard more people have been picked up. Who knows what Yar Adua and his boys are doing to them. Using pliers to remove their teeth? Wicked souls!

Well, let Yar Adua be told. Nigeria and Nigerians survived Babangida, we survived Obasanjo and we survived Abacha even though many of our fellow Nigerians were killed-for nothing!

Nigeria will be there when Yar Adua is no longer the illegal president.

You can’t kill the truth.

The truth is that Yar Adua was never elected and he is not a legitimate president. No matter how many people he is planning to arrest, the truth is immovable.

And let the attention of the world not be removed from Nigeria even though Congo and Somalia are offering stiff attention. Nigeria is a failed country as much as Somalia that has not been govern since 1991. People must not forget that even though the worst place on earth right now is Somalia, Nigeria offers a mass scale of the dimension of poverty with over 90m people unsure of the next meal.

To add indiscriminate arrest and torture of bloggers to the assembly of problems in Nigeria is unjust and callous. Only a heartless leader will approve of that.

Leave Nigerian bloggers alone. Let us do what we know how to do best-criticize lazy and impotent governments.

Stop arresting us Yar Adua. We are not less Nigerian than you are and we have rights to live and enjoy our freedom. Freedom of speech, of writing and of association. We have the right to pursue happiness and to travel in and out of Nigeria without fear. Stop your mad acts.

I was so furious when a journalist friend started warning me about what to write to him over the internet. What manner of government will create or instil fear in the minds of ordinary people and journalist?

enough is enough…do your work, illegitimate or not and let bloggers live!

Yar Adua………Stop arresting Nigerian Bloggers!


By Adeola Aderounmu

I would like to make a humble request that Nigerian Bloggers Worldwide set aside 4 days, June 27-30 2008, as special days for one line of publication. Can we all dedicate these 4 days in June to Osamuyia Aikpitanhi? That young man was murdered on June 9 2007 by the Spanish Police while being cruelly deported on a notorious Iberia Flight.

The story was featured prominently on the

Nigeria Village Square

and Concerned Nigerians Worldwide (CNW) organized a global demonstration to protest the brutal killing of Osamuyia. These four days will coincide with the same time last year (2007) when protest marches were organized to Spanish embassies across the globe.

It may interest you dear fellow bloggers that Osamuyia is still lying in the cold somewhere in racist Spain and his killers are walking tall and free. Our Nigerian government is bad and wicked and this is one of the pieces of evidence that we need to know that our lives remain in our hands. Being our brothers’ keeper is a moral that we should never throw away. Without that principle, millions of people in Nigeria will slip from poverty zone into the zone of extinction.

Many of us have impacted our world with our blog messages and we have teeming readership. If we dedicate those 4 days to Osamuyia, we may succeed where our government has failed woefully. The government failed to build on the Momentum gathered by CNW Some of us have no faith in governance in Nigeria. How else can one express the shocking revelation that the Federal Government of Nigeria cannot secure the release of Osamuyia’s corpse one year after he was murdered in Spain by the Spanish Police?

The Aikpitanhi Family is still in agony and pain as shown by the investigative report of Ahaoma Kanu. They are yet to get the opportunity to bury their son and brother. Osamuyia needs a proper resting place and his family would like to have him back. Let us direct parts of our publications / messages along that line.

While doing that, we must also condemn the racism involved in this entire unfortunate episode. Let us condemn racism in Spain as well as the lack of proper prosecution for the erring murderers in police uniform.

Our message will not be complete if we do not direct more of our energy towards the government at home. Let us condemn in strong terms the handling of this matter by the Nigerian Government. We can call for the sacking of the Minister of External Affairs. Maybe, just maybe we may sensitize someone who has the solution to this shameful act. We can also request for the re-call of Nigeria’s Ambassador to Spain. He may be neglecting his duties.

In calling for the sack of the Minister, we can raise questions regarding the investigations that have been carried out and what has stalled the process of demanding for justice for Osamuyia. As Nigerians we deserve to know why a brother has been left in the cold for more than one year.

I hope that we can heed this call to dedicate 96 hours to our late brother and friend. He had dreams like the rest of us in the Diaspora but his was cut short very prematurely. His death has implications for our world: racism, bad governance, irresponsible public servants, police brutality, murder and negligence of duties.

By speaking out and writing boldly on June 27-30 2008, we can one way or the other change the world we live in for the better. We must also hope that Osamuyia’s body will finally arrive in Nigeria at the end of the blog dedication. This is a task started by NVS/ CNW but it is a solidarity call for all of us wherever we are on planet earth.

Suggestions for Blogging

June 27: Condemn the Spanish Government for not releasing the body of late Osamuyia one year after its agent murdered him.

June 28: Condemn the Nigerian Government for not caring for one of its own, even in death.

June 29: Comment further on the situations above and ask for the resignation or sacking of Nigeria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs for negligence of duty and incompetence. Please request the recall of Nigeria’s ambassador to Spain for not acting effectively to send Osamuyia’s corpse to Nigeria.

June 30: Condemn the Spanish government for not prosecuting murderers in its ranks and make a final call for JUSTICE and the release of Osamuyia’s body to his family one year after he was murdered by the Spanish police.

This is how I will blog these four days in addition to what I have written about this case in the past/present.