Bukola Elemide aka Asa (Nigeria’s Gift To The World)

By Adeola Aderounmu

Asa is a rare talent, probably the best female musician in the world today.

Nigerians and Africans owe it to themselves to promote their own talents, their anointed brothers and sisters.

Asa’s music is extraordinary. She’s got the voice, the style and the message. You cannot ask for a better package in music.

Asa presents a rare opportunity for Nigeria to make a great export in music, one that can promote beyond what we can imagine now the culture and history of Nigeria. Western Nigeria should be more curious about this talent. We have not done enough to let the world know what they are missing if they have not listened to Asa.

There is no harm if Asa is mentioned in the Nigerian media everyday. This is what the other countries and nations are doing about their talents many of whom are nowhere near the calibre of Asa.

But the world will treat our stars the way we present them.

In a way Africa needs to do better concerning her female talents. We have a way of promoting maleness over femaleness.

I just imagine if Asa would have been nominated for the highest music award in the world if she was an African male. No doubts if she is an American or British female she would have won the most awards in the last 4 years or so.

The world will not help Africa or Africans.

Let’s not forget how CAF and FIFA showed lack of appreciation and acknowledgement for Africa’s finest footballer of all time, Austin Jay Jay Okocha.

We didn’t do enough for Okocha. It was like we betrayed him. He remains the most gifted African player but he was never crowned. We did not fight for him.

Africa is in the hands of Africans.

We have wasted many opportunities. We have lost many talents. Not just in music. We have done so in sports. We are doing so in education, in health and in almost all known human endeavours.

It is up to Nigerians and Africans to carry Asa (Bukola Elemide) to the pinnacle of the global music industry-that is where she belongs.

The role of the Nigerian media cannot be over emphasized.