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Ingen kärlek förlorad

Respekt är en underbar egenskap men det är inte kärlek. Beundran är inte heller kärlek. Vi behöver alla någon eller flera personer som älskar oss Ingen kärlek förlorad Av Adeola Aderounmu Lucy lever i Zambezi, fram tills nu i alla fall. Det är här… Continue Reading “Ingen kärlek förlorad”

The Things We Took For Granted (Part 2)

Let’s love one another in Africa and appreciate the things and people around us always. Maybe if we start with our friends and families, one day the love may go round the world and our lives will be happy and free. The Things We… Continue Reading “The Things We Took For Granted (Part 2)”

The Madrilenian (part 3)

I will start a new life. I will create my own future and make love the foundation. The Madrilenian (Part 3) By Adeola Aderounmu Unknown to Pablo, his sisters took up the task of finding out more about Patricia since the day he invited… Continue Reading “The Madrilenian (part 3)”

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