It’s Been 3 Days: Random Thoughts

It’s Been 3 Days: Random Thoughts

By Adeola Aderounmu

To say it has been 3 days is a way to greet someone you have not seen or heard from for a while in The Yoruba Country.

I am very much up to date on the madness called politics in Nigeria. Some foolish people and fools want to crucify Atiku, one of the criminals that destroyed Nigeria because he said that the people of Northern Nigeria should vote for him and not for a Yoruba man or an Igboman.

What is wrong with the comment? Is Nigeria a normal country? Is anything normal in Nigeria? Is self-preservation not the first law of existence? Atiku is not just a criminal, he is also a f***ing tribalist and one of those who can answer questions on the rise of terrorism in Northern Nigeria. Under the watch of Obasanjo, this criminal sold Nigeria to himself and his cronies. Then you want him not to campaign on ethnic grounds? You should be more worried that you, as a normal human being, is grouped with such a criminal under one fake country called NIGGER AREA (Nigeria). So, you think for once that Atiku cares about you? Nonsense! Get some sense!

Despite the fact that I have a lot to think about when I am not blogging, it has been a challenge to actually punch my keyboard like I am doing now. On Friday night, I was watching a programme on Swedish television called Carina Bergfeldf (The name of the show is also the name of the presenter). It is one of those days you really feel ashamed to have ever called yourself a Nigerian. My children were sitting beside me as we watch a Danish woman telling the whole Swedish population about how children are called witches in Nigeria and how the children are left to die or suffer. Her picture together with a tiny 1.5-year-old boy who she later called HOPE broke the internet at a time and now the boy is older and full of life. She saved the boy from death.

How do I tell my children that these types of stories are true, yet sad? How do I tell them that I spent 29 years of my life as a well-educated man in the same country where pastors, imams, priests, parents, uncles, aunts, mum and dad label babies and children as witches? According to the Danish woman, it is a money-earning adventure for pastors to call children witches/wizards or to say that they are possessed by demons.

Is Nigeria as a whole not possessed by demons? Are the people not possessed by spirit of slavery? Are the politicians not mad and possessed? Are the terrorists not possessed with the spirit of rape and general madness? Who will heal the rotten and useless people who destroyed the country and made it an accumulation of poverty-stricken people?

The people who are lining behind criminals like Tinubu, Atiku and Obi, are they not possessed by evil spirits and demons? If you are normal, why should you line behind those who made you slaves in your own nation? If you are not possessed, how can you still believe that Nigeria is made for you? Is it not time to try something new and invest in the future of the unborn generations so that perhaps 100 years from now when you are dead, some people will enjoy your fight for freedom?

Anyway, I just said let me greet you for these 3 days. E ku ojo meta!

One thought on “It’s Been 3 Days: Random Thoughts

  1. Thanks so much for this thought provoking reminder. It’s been 3 days indeed. Nigeria is a dream killer and the citizens are not woken yet 😑


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