The Day I crossed The Daniel-Bankole Bridge

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerian Politicians have no shame. I had the opportunity to drive over the stupid bridge that Bankole and Daniel were fighting over. I went to Olumo Rock on a tourist visit.

Me at Olumo Rock Dec 2010
Me at Olumo Rock Dec 2010

One question that never ceases to cross my mind is: How do Nigerians think? Or better still, how do Nigerian Public officers think?

Daniel_Bankole "yeye" Bridge
Daniel_Bankole "yeye" Bridge

In their eyes, that bridge is a big achievement. Daniel and Dimeji are two men who are widely travelled. I’m sure they have seen how other countries in the world have developed their network of roads, rail, air and water transportation mechanisms.

My cousin told me that the bridge has eased the movement of cars into/ out of Ogun State. I was shocked because for me that is a very strange comment. What it means is that Nigerians don’t know how terrible their living conditions are. Hence the stupid Nigerian politicians continue to deceive them with stupid projects like the Daniel-Bankole Bridge. Would it be wrong to construct a wide and long bridge that would span the entire Abeokuta-Lagos Road?

I mean that the project could have been done better and more extensively to eradicate for all time the traffic situation at the Sango-Otta border area. Just before and after the bridge, the roads are extremely bad and remain un-motorable. What is the significance of the bridge? To ease the movement of cars. Really?

Bad Road By Daniel and Bankole's Bridge
Bad Road By Daniel and Bankole's Bridge

From my perspective the project (that has taken years and looted funds) is worthless. Both Daniel and Dimeji should cover their faces in shame.

What would be more worthwhile will be a joint effort between the Lagos State Government and the Ogun State Government. My suggestion to the two governors will be to check on the internet for the bridge that connects the south of Sweden to Copenhagen. They need to fashion out a similar bridge to connect Lagos and Ogun State. It would not be that long but it should be that splendid.

Malmo-Copenhagen Bridge
Malmo-Copenhagen Bridge

Nigerian politicians must find ways to develop our country and ease the pains that people go through for all time. All these half-baked projects are just too messy and disappointing. Stop looting our monies. Do something tangible that the future generation will see and appreciate.

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