R.I.P Gani Fawehinmi

By Adeola Aderounmu

Gani Fawehinmi is dead. He was aged 71.

Gani Fawehinmi

Gani Fawehinmi

Gani fought a good fight and his name will never be forgotten. Gani fought for the good of all and he wanted justice and prosperity to reign in Nigeria.

Unfortunately he did not seem to get his way through his activism. Even when he joined politics there was no way for his likes in the useless political space that prevails in Nigeria.

His death is a great lose to Nigeria and Africa as this Dark Continent continues to seek for true heroes and genuine leaders.

Now that Gani is gone, maybe the stupid politicians in Nigeria can begin to reflect on some of his arguments, dreams and aspirations. But I seriously doubt that an illegitimate government has time to reflect.

Chief Gani Fawehinmi was the voice of the voiceless, the advocate of the masses and part of the conscience of the nation.

Now the history books will be revisited and updated. The rest of the year will be used to detail the life and times of this humble man who dedicated his life, time and energy to the cause of the common man.

Again it is a tragedy that the things that he fought for, went to prison for and invariably died for, are still the same or probably worse. Nigeria was not a failed state when Chief Gani blasted the warning signals. But Nigeria is now a failed state at the time of his death.

And things are getting worse. The man who stood alone fighting for the masses is dead. What are the masses going to do now? Seriously speaking the Nigerian people need no reminder that the death of Chief Fawehinmi should serve as a rallying point to now rise up and take back this country from the fools in power.

First is the issue of electoral reform and secondly is the ultimate search for our votes. In 2011, hopefully the electoral reforms will be done by then, Nigerians should ask “where is my vote” if it becomes necessary. In honour of Gani Fawehinmi, Nigerians must demand for proper elections in 2011, pursuits of accountability in public life and the attainment of good life for all and sundry.

These were some of the dreams of the good man who walked by for 71 years. If we continue to abstain from our civil obligations then peace and prosperity will continue to elude us. Rest in Peace Gani Fawehinmi

2 thoughts on “R.I.P Gani Fawehinmi

  1. ‘last week American mourn the passes away of Ted Kennedy..,Gani was more than what the elder stateman meant to american.., in so many ways there are likes of Kenedy in the U.S but Gani was lone fighter in Nigeria.
    may his soul rest in peace.


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