Ribadu’s exit and Kenya’s abracadabra

Adeola Aderounmu

Africa, my Africa….what is your plan for tomorrow?

In Kenya, it was Odinga who was leading as the votes were being counted. Something happened, there were delays and before you could say ABC, Kibaki had won. In politics, this is called the power of the Incumbent.  

Africa my Africa! What a shameful way to end 2007!  

My dear Kenyans, please take it easy and don’t spill blood in your cities or in the slumps. Don’t go about killing brothers or sisters. But you can do all you can to salvage your future. It lies in your hands.  


Oh my wonderful funny country! 

Yar Adua, the illegal president of Nigeria has done it again. He has literarily sacked Nuhu Ribadu the chairman of EFCC.

Now, all looters of the treasury in Nigeria can have good parties and merry with stolen wealth.  

Yar Adua came to power illegally and he is NOT the president of Nigeria as per the people’s votes. He is the president of PDPP-People Destroying People Party. In the History of election in Nigeria, votes have never been counted!!!

So, you may understand a little bit about the magic going on in Kenya if you need an example from the wicked sleeping giant called Nigeria.

Yar Adua was helped into position by Obasanjo the ex-convict ex-president and Ibori, also an ex-convict ex-thieving governor and one icon of evil called Iwu.

That is Nigeria for you, the country of VERY USELESS LEADERSHIP where the job of the attorney general is to assist the looting of the treasuty. 

Now, with this new development of removal of Ribadu who was on the heels of corrupt government officials, we’ll just wait and see how the fight against corruption proceeds in Nigeria.

For those who do not know, Nigerian is an oil-rich country but the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few popularly called the CABAL. This is malicious because more than 90% of Nigerians live in ABSOLUTE POVERTY AND PENURY.

What now for Nigerians? My sympathy as 2007 ends of another sad note…  

Happy New year Nigerians!

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