Yar Adua:Inheritance of a burden

Adeola Aderounmu

Yar Adua has every right to be the president of Nigeria just like more than 140 million other persons in the country. He has been desribed as a humble man and I concur with that. The EFCC has declared him corrupt free (that I do not agree with since I have never been in  Katsina state to know how he ran his government or awarded contracts) and because the EFCC turned to be an instrument in the hands of the evil one. EFCC may have had an impact on Nigeria but the selectiveness of their agenda was too obvious. Ask the crying former governor of Borno State why he shed tears! If EFCC was neutral, Iwu and Obasanjo should be in jail by now. Don’t even look too far back because Babangida and the rest of them are still free men. What then is the job of the EFCC? Nonsense!

I have decribed Nigerian Politics as the worst tragedy of the 21st century. That opinion stands especially because of the wasting minds in Nigeria and abroad.  Nigerians are arguably the most intelligent people alive and they are ruled by nonentities and empty skulls.

That Yar Adua is now the president of Nigeria reveals that he is a corrupt man and he has no conscience. It doesn’t matter that he is the least corrupt among all the other top candidates!  The crux of this matter is not in the person of Yar Adua but the illegality and the non-acceptance of the process that brought him to power. Those who fail to see this simple point cannot be intelligent. They are part of the myriads of the Nigerian problems.

If he is the nice guy that they say he was, Yar Adua should have turned down the results of the criminalised selection (there was NEVER an election in Nigeria in 2007) on the platter of his honour.

Yar Adua may have noble intentions, but it would have been nice for him to care about following manners and attitudes that show civility, common sense and the respect for the rule of law.

He has just inherited a burden. He represents an offshoot of the remnants of our recent traumatised memory.

May Nigerians be delivered from the evil cabal and tropical juntas/gangsters.

8 thoughts on “Yar Adua:Inheritance of a burden

  1. How on earth do you live? You are so negative, it is untrue. I will never allow people like you around me because you can drive people to suicide.

    You” don’t care if he turns Nigeria into paraside…”, I thought this was a responsible website and this is definately the last time I visit this site.

    We need people who will change Nigeria not someone complaining from afar. For the record Umaru Musa Yar’Adua has transformed Katsina State most notably the agricultural aspect and hospitals. How? By providing modern equipments and technics.

    Do some research before you write.

    Bye and please don’t mail me. But if you have any positive thing to say holla. Like policy reforms, education restructure or encouraging enterpreneurship.


  2. I have never begged you to visit my blog! Go and create your own blog and write your own opinion. I am not involved in chasing shadows and I have never been involved in politics of sentiments.

    Where were you when Bill Clinton was under investigations despite all the good things that he seemed to be doing at that time?

    You must learn! In Yoruba language, we were taught that what is bad is bad, it has no other names!
    Yar Adua came in through a means that is not acceptable by any standard in the world. The government of Obasanjo delivered the worst “election” in the history of mankind.

    These are the real issues and not what Yar Adua will achieve or not achieve. His performance or non-performance will be a by product.

    The real issues is how our politics work and the legacy we want to leave for future generations.
    We cannot afford not to move away from the “electoral culture of Nigeria since 1959″. That was Obasanjo’s idea that our progress should be stagnant.

    If you look at reason and you have a good sense of judgement, then you will read between the lines to discern between what we have and what we ought to have.

    I repeat and very STRONGLY TOO, I don’t care if Yar Adua turns Nigeria to a paradise! I am not in support of the mechanism that he rode to power. Such things can break Nigeria and turn it into ruins.

    We have been lucky to be a resilient people but obviously we are not stupid and it will be morally wrong for all of us to sleep with our heads in one direction.

    Again,if you don’t like my blog, you are not obliged to visit it. Thank Heavens that wordpress.com does not belong to people like you. You will have taken away the freedom of expression.


  3. I will have to say I agree with some of your points. It is true that there are no grey areas and everything in life is slipt into good or evil.

    I love learning, trust me. I was just writing what I felt. You should never make a fellow person feel sorry for themselves. Everybody knows the problem Nigeria face too well and that’s exactly my point.

    Ask a 10 years old Nigerian kid and he will list the of problems in Nigeria. If that kid has the mindset of problems he will never get out of that mindset. We need to think of ways of getting out of that problem. You come across as a very intelligent young person and that was what drew me to your site, but I was trying to read other articles and I couldn’t find anything that remember me of my time in Ketu or GCI.

    If I want to tell you about the problem Nigeria faces trust me, you would think I am that old man that mourns every morning about everything.

    We all need to join hands and see how we can make things better, to try to say this is what happens in politics, especially Nigeria is as unpredictable as the way Abacha died. Trust me I know the problem but think about it makes me sad and that is why I focus on the good thing we have and can have if we apply ourselves.

    What you are doing is amazing and I am sorry for saying negative things, you see what you have cause : ) You are trying to give a lot of people platform to express themselves. We the ordinary people are more powerful than the government. We can make significant changes especially in education. We need better Secondary Schools, and better Universities. We need more people to create jobs.



  4. Hey aderinola, strong words you are expressing there. Believe me, i even started a website against Yaradua but later closed it in order to give peace a chance.

    Candidly speaking, what you’ve said is quite true. Nobody is doubting that. The election that brought Yaradua to power is TOTALLY FLAWED and COMPLETELY IRREGULAR.

    Be that as it may, I beg to differ that if Yaradua decides to run HIS own government, disentangling himself from the satanic clutches of OBJ, and moves forward with positive, practical reforms and a total overhaul of the decayed system called NIGERIA, then alls well dat ends well, dont you think.

    I cite what happened in Anambra state as a good example. The people of Anambra, today LOVE Ngige, not because he’s handsome but because he rebelled against the party that brought him in, through da back door…if yu must know

    YES…Ngige embarked on a lot of projects which endeared him to the hearts of the people. Never before in the history of Anambra state has the indigenes had it so good. He tarred almost 80% of the major and some minor roads in the state.

    A feat that had never been since the states creation in 1991. As a result of that, the people of the state grew to love him and will sand by him thru thick and thin.

    As i said earlier, if Yaradua decides to jettison the negative clutches of the OBJ doomed administration and embark on HIS own positive, visible reforms. He may be accepted by the people> The most important thing for anybody living in NIgeria now is good governance and practical reforms, not just on da pages of Newspapers and State-controlled media.


  5. Believe me my dear friend, I love Nigeria. Whatever Yar Adua decides to do is not the issue.

    The issue concerns the essence of life: the essence of our lives as Nigerians is been eroded. When will it stop?

    The only reason I started this blog is that I seek the good of Nigeria-the good of all.

    I write because I cannot hold back my feelings for the lack of progress in Nigeria.

    I am now 35 years and nothing has changed for good in my life time in Nigeria. Everything that I have known about Nigeria has gone from good to bad to worse.

    My biggest pain is that we are so intelligent yet we have fools in power and that poverty is spreading like wild fire.

    Something big need to happen in Nigeria to bring all the nonsense to an end. The other option is that Nigeria will continue to exist forever as a breeding ground for “mass poverty” while a few rogues enjoy the fruits of the land.


  6. If i may ask my dear, What exactly are you advocating as a means of addressing or redressing the decayed system. I’m just intrigued.

    Don’t miscontrue my questions on da basis that i support that the status quo be maintained in 9ja. Actually, i dont, but seeing that we can’t really do much expect run to the tribunals and courts as the case may be, must we continue crying over spilt milk?


  7. Good leadership will solve Nigeria’s problem.

    We need a system based on merit, where there are checks and balances. Not all the sycophancy displayed by jesters who call themselves politicians.

    Corruption needs to be with zero tolerance afterall what does a man need apart from 3 meals a day, good exercise and a bed to sleep on/ a roof over his head under decent human conditions?

    What do these idiots do with all these billions other than enrich some stupid and lazy foreign countries to the detriments of their fellow brothers and sisters?

    They worship money and riches, things that will pass away just like the flowers in the fields.

    Obasanjo fought corruption more with his mouth than with his deeds, we need dedicate leaders who will set good examples not set up private farms or private Universities to personal gains.

    We need people who will see life and power as transient and not permanent features of mankind.
    We need brains that will set up a running system and not ruin the system further.
    There are millions of things that we need to do and the beginning will be leadership by example. If the head is good, the whole body is good.
    Enough of hypocrisy and lip service,We need honest people who can seek the good of all, 140 million at the same time, not family and friends only.

    We need people who can harness the human and natural resources of our country and make it a glorious nation.
    We need leaders who will stop wasting our minds.


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