Adeola Aderounmu. 

At some point in the history of great nations, the people made collective decisions/wills to end tyranny, dictatorship or whatever way oppressions can be described. In many instances, the people bade farewell to poverty and diseases using the Never Again syndrome. In 2007 and after the shoddy rituals called elections that were staged managed by some idiots called INEC officials and supervised by a fool called Iwu, Nigerians in my opinion have a very golden opportunity to bid farewell to gangsterism as exemplified since 1960 by the likes of Obasanjo and his cohorts.

What a big chance indeed!It is possible to look at the election of April 14th from different perspectives and it is also possible to give an analysis that would be enough to write a book on Political Science. But summarily, we can raise a few questions or make certain generalizations. Sometimes when an intellectual mind writes on issues relating to Nigeria and you relate that to what obtains in some other countries in Africa and the Western world especially; one begins to wonder if Nigeria has emerged into the 21st century.

What happened in Nigeria on the 14th of April should not be called election. Election means something totally different from what took place that day. On April 14th 2007, some determined Nigerians went to war with a merciless regime headed by Obasanjo. The regime used the instrument of governance to oppress and suppress its own people. It slashed their throat to make sure that their voices were not heard and should never be heard again. The activities of Obasanjo, INEC, its officials with Mr.  Iwu as the leader deserve total condemnation. After May 29, Obasanjo should be put on trial to defend his actions that have led to the untimely death of many Nigerians in the last 8 years of his administration. People have died through pipeline explosions, hunger, assassinations, state induced murder, diseases due to lack of good health and most recently through an arrangements on April 14th to force his will on over 140 million people.  

Those who participated in the regime in the last 8 years should be made to give account of their stewardship in office.In the meantime, the present senate would have to stand up to a national duty. One that will save and preserve our democracy forever. One last action that will bring reason to the fore front of national issues. Let the senate immediately declare void the activity of INEC regarding April 14th. Iwu should be arrested and tried for trying to lead the nation into anarchy. His accomplices should all be fished out and dealt with according to the laws of the land. The judiciary has shown that it has some dignity. They would need the unflinching support of the police to achieve this. It seems like an impossible mission, but this is the best time to make a U-turn for the good of Nigeria.If we fail to use this golden opportunity to achieve greatness for Nigeria, Nigeria will never be great again, at least not in the lifetime of the two outgoing wasted generations.

This is a time to show the world that there are honest people in Nigeria who can conduct free and fair elections.  We can conduct elections in Nigeria without losing a soul, I believe it is possible.

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