Why Assassin Mbu Must Leave Western Nigeria Now!

Mr. Mbu’s prowess in killing ordinary civilians needs a converter-mechanism. His killing ratio of 1 police: 20 civilians may be useful in the attempt to end the Boko Haram war in a record time of 5 weeks. He should be posted to North Eastern Nigeria

Why Assassin Mbu Must Leave Western Nigeria Now!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Civilians have expressed shock and condemned the speech credited to Nigeria’s most notorious cop Mr. Joseph Mbu. APC the opposition party has condemned the speech while the PDP is yet to release any statement.

Mr. Mbu said that he will kill 20 civilians for every policeman that is killed. If not for the useless laws and absence of justice in Nigeria Mr. Mbu should have been arrested and questioned for making such reckless and unguarded utterances.

If found guilt of unwarranted or unnecessary incitement, he ought to be sacked or demoted.

But some people are already laughing at these suggestions because they have come to terms with the fact that Nigeria remains a jungle and a country where some people are above the laws.

It was for such stupid anomalies that Mr. Jonathan could talk of lynching a person called ole (thief) in Western Nigeria when asked about the difference between corruption and stealing. With Jonathan you will never find a bigger cluelessness anywhere in the world. He owns the limit.

Anyone who listened or endured all of Jonathan’s recent media chat must have a feeling of mental rape. He was just a waste of space and time.

Mr. Mbu has committed many atrocities across Nigeria. He remains a free man, a favourite in this clueless and corrupt regime of Jonathan.

Notorious Policeman, Joseph Mbu

Notorious Policeman, Joseph Mbu

Mr. Mbu is a killing machine waiting for the next bloody episode of his life. A lot has been written about this man’s notoriety everywhere he went or worked as a law enforcement officer.

With his indecent manner, thirst for blood and general disrespect for the rule of law, Mr. Mbu is not fit to live among normal people.

If he can kill 20 civilians for every dead policeman, what is he still doing in Western Nigeria?

Jonathan’s lazy and corrupt government will need such a trained killer in the war against Boko Haram.

Mr. Mbu’s prowess in killing ordinary civilians needs a converter-mechanism. This conversion and his killing ratio of 1:20 may be useful in the attempt to end the Boko Haram war in a record time of 5 weeks. He should be re-posted to Borno, in North Eastern Nigeria.

He will be an asset to the inefficient Nigerian army that cannot take care of an ordinary insurgent giving it room to become a cankerworm that has carved away 15% of Nigeria’s territory.

Having written about the police on a number of occasions especially between 2007 and 2009, l decided to look back at my essays.

In 2008 the Nigerian police was among the prime violators of human rights in Nigeria. The report at that time summed up the extra judicial killings that took place under one AIG called Okiro.

The report also came after a bloody lie from Mr. Okiro that Nigeria was one of the safest places on earth in 2007. That was at a time when he reviewed a certain 3 month period and told us that the Nigerian Police:

  • arrested 1628 robbery suspects
  • killed 785 robbers
  • lost 62 police officers
  • recovered 1582 arms and 6514 ammunition
  • recovered 242 stolen vehicles

He probably cooked up these figures as we know that official figures are always different from the realities. The 2008 report on the activities of the Nigerian police put his claims in the thrash bins where they belong.

In any case Mr. Joseph Mbu’s posting to Western Nigeria seemed to be timed and planned to coincide with an agenda coming from the lazy and corrupt government of Goodluck Jonathan whose reign is now known globally to be a serious badluck to Nigeria and Nigerians.

Mr. Mbu it now seemed was posted to Western Nigeria as part of the scheme of Mr. Jonathan to intimidate the people of Western Nigeria through killings or murders.

The statements credited to Mr. Mbu means that he was sent to Lagos to execute a script. He could not keep his mouth closed or quiet. He was excited about the renewed license to kill. He has now threatened to kill 20 civilians for every policeman that is killed.

That will set a new world record for openly professed and planned extra judicial killings.

I insist that Mr. Mbu should be taken into custody and interrogated. It might seem an impossible mission to interrogate a man carrying out the orders of Jonathan or some elements whose goals we now see clearly. But he must answer some questions.

Why does he think that a policeman will be killed in the first place?

Is he anticipating that his men will start a trouble that may warrant the civil people protecting themselves? Is he afraid that his men will be killed if for example they try to interfere with the electoral process in Western Nigeria? Is he anticipating a backlash as a result of the leaked rigging process that took place in Ekiti?

Mr. Mbu was posted to western Nigeria for a reason. It is getting clearer.

The people of Western Nigeria must be on alert and resist with whatever it takes any man or agent of evil who threatens to decimate them.

Mr. Mbu must be placed on the radar and alert system of the custodian of our commonwealth and security in Western Nigeria and he must be treated as a threat or a terrorist.

As a matter of fact, all the governors in Western Nigeria ought to rise up irrespective of their political parties and push Mr. Mbu out of Western Nigeria now.

Mr. Mbu can actually kill a policeman tomorrow and put him on the street to actualise the start of his plans. According to his silly, wicked and condemnable track records, this man can do anything for his masters in Abuja.

Therefore an intensive campaign to rid Western Nigeria of Mr. Mbu should start in earnest. Western Nigeria cannot accommodate a federal government-sponsored assassin.

Any attempt from Mr. Mbu’s part to take down 20 citizens of Western Nigeria for the life of one police officer which he is also ready to stage manage should be resisted with the ultimate resistance. He should be caged and sent packing to wherever he is coming from.

When this season of madness, which includes the truncating of the democratic process that was to take place on February 14 2015, is over, that urgent call to determine the future of Nigeria must be put on the table quickly.

That is if Mr. Jonathan does not tear Nigeria into pieces with his reckless decisions, strengthening of terrorists groups and zombification of the Nigerian military.

Western Nigeria can’t accommodate a senseless and thoughtless Mr. Mbu-a fellow planning a mass murder on behalf of federal agents.

The emerging generations of Nigerians must discuss the type of government that suits them with true federalism as a prime suggestion.

Also it now seems that the structures and operations of the security forces including the army and the police also need to be discussed.

Among other urgent matters that will shape the future appearance of Nigeria’s geographical and political landscape, the call for state police has just gathered more valid points.

I take it very seriously and in fact very personal when a foreign policeman threatens to decimate my people in the region that my fore-fathers fought for and protected with their blood.

Mr. Mbu is an assassin and he must leave now!


The BBC Story on Nigerian Police

Adeola Aderounmu

The BBC yet again found another weak spot in Nigeria. The Police. It is up to the Nigerian Police to defend its integrity. How it goes about that is left to the authorities affected. I have done one or two pieces before on the Nigerian Police and I must confess that there was nothing new in that BBC story of December 8 2009.

There is a story that I always made reference to when it concerns how police kill innocent people in Nigeria. In 1995/ 96 while I was doing my youth service in Oyo State I lived on a street where Akinyele Local Government was/is situated. That is Moniya in Ibadan. At that time I was working at IITA in Ibadan as a youth corp member.

I lived directly opposite the local government and inside the premises of the local government was Moniya Police Station. It happened that in the middle of the night (almost every night) I usually hear loud noises that woke me up from my sleep. One day I had to ask my landlord’s son what the noise was all about.

He told me that I should ignore the sound and try to sleep because the police are doing their work-which is executing the robbers in the cell. He said they do that to avoid congestion in the cells. He told me that the bodies would be thrown into a famous river before day break. He told me this casually as if it was a normal thing. Going by its regularity, it was normal. I was shocked. From that day till the end of my service year I usually look closely at the police officers. As in they smile and go about like normal people but I actually thought they are crazy to be executing robbers at night.

That story plus all the other experiences about Police story that I’ve known before made me to dread the police like hell. I mean when I’m close to police officers with guns, I comply with whatever they say 100% because they can pull their triggers at anytime and you are dead. When I started driving in Lagos, every policeman was “Oga sir”! Many of them have red eyes and are invariably drunk. When a police man is pointing a loaded gun at you and ask you for 20 naira, I don’t think you want to mess around. Any dead citizen will be reported as armed robber to cover for atrocities. The BBC story is largely true.

But the Nigerian Police is just a product of a system that is decayed. The former inspector general of Police Tafa Balogun stole and looted police funds. Under Obasanjo billions of naira disappeared to his friends and family rather than the trust fund that was meant for the development of the police force. No one has been prosecuted, no one will be prosecuted. In Nigeria, you can loot and go. It’s your part of the so called National cake. A national tragedy as a matter of fact.

As mentioned above the police is just a product of a decayed system. Our politicians do not get anything fixed except their personal bank accounts and their homes/ future. They steal, they loot and they mismanage everything. Education, infrastructure, sports, health and so on. Just name anything, we have used nepotism, tribalism, corruption, and a form of madness called national character to destroy the fabrics and foundation of this (once upon a time) great nation.

The police have no modern gadgets and equipment to fight crime. They are usually overwhelmed by armed robbers who are more sophisticated. The Nigerian Police have inadequacies in everything! Patrol vehicles are probably too few and even the number of police / 000 citizens will shock anyone. I don’t know the statuses of the kinds of people employed by the police force. With Characters like Tafa Balogun, Mike Okiro and now one Onovo, the road is too long.

Police brutality and abnormalities are not peculiar to Nigeria but I’m a Nigerian blogger so I care less about the corrupt Russian police, the aggressive US Police or the lazy Scandinavian police. My attention is on Nigerian Police at this moment and I feel so sorry for them in a way. I mean their salaries are extremely poor and nothing to write home about. By setting up road blocks and begging for money instead of controlling, preventing or fighting crimes, Nigerian police is the apex of ridicule. They ask for money in the open and they tell you they have families at home.

This is the same country where one man will sit in his office and steal 12 billions dollars. A local government chairman will build houses and estate across the country. The senate president is a well known corrupt man, a thief in plain language. Name one prominent politician in Nigeria that is not a thief! So you see you can’t blame it all on the police, they see their bosses stealing. They see ordinary politicians amassing wealth overnight and with their poor salaries they set up road blocks to help their pockets. In fact, they give returns to their bosses who are sitting with their pot bellies in their office. How many police boss in Nigerian can chase a robber?

When it is election time the evil parties will connive with police to steal ballot boxes or to threaten voters so that elections can be rigged as planned. The Nigerian Police is at the mercy of the way the country is organised. Indeed all/ ordinary Nigerians are at the mercy of a certain evil force ruling the country. I have stated several times that in Nigeria we are in a dilemma: which problem/s do we solve first? How are we going to go about the rebuilding of this failed country?

For sure our politics and the corruption that have ruined the country will be an ideal suggestion. If we get it right politically, maybe we will succeed to elect the right people to lead us. Maybe we will be able to fight corruption for real and prosecute thieves and looters. Maybe our judiciary will work and then the police do not become the prosecutor, judge and executors? Just maybe!

Maybe when our politics is right, our education will pick up again, maybe our infrastructure will improve. Maybe we will build our roads, make our refineries work, create employment opportunities that will reduce the rising spate of armed robbery and assassinations. Maybe!

Maybe we will be proud as a people and eschew bitterness and hatred. One day I hope we will take out all the round pegs in square holes and chose the people who are upright, discipline and selfless to lead us.

Just maybe one day, the police and the rest of us will be doing what we are suppose to be doing and be really proud to be doing so. Until such a time when some of these dreams come true, no one should expect decrease in the number of unnecessary deaths from police miscarriage of judgement, from preventable diseases, from road accidents, from assassinations, from reckless driving and other man made atrocities in Nigeria. Imagine that we have lived 2 years with a fake president who is cooling off in a Saudi Arabian hospital while the rest of us including the police can go to hell! What a shameless man..!

reference: BBC on Nigerian Police

Mr. Onovo: Another Bad Cop?

By Adeola Aderounmu

Mr. Onovo said he would continue from where the former IGP, Okiro stopped. Where did Okiro stopped? Is this is joke? Mr. Onovo should apologize to all Nigerians for making such a very careless and frightening statement

The statement is a very dangerous one. Nigerians should ask Mr. Onovo for the implication of this statement. Mr. Okiro was a very bad cop. There was no improvement of the Nigerian Police Force under his command. Why would any sane person continue with failures? Words like turning the Police Force around for good would have given a ray of hope.

Under Mr. Okiro, the “National police (and security forces) were reported to have committed politically motivated and extrajudicial killings. Some security forces allegedly killed individuals while trying to extort money from them. Police and military personnel used excessive and sometimes deadly force, and there were reports of security forces committing torture. Police and security forces raped and committed other forms of sexual violence on women and girls. Many prisoners died from treatable diseases due to inadequate medical care”-(Source: The Fund For Peace )

The truth is that the rot in the Nigerian Police did not start with Mr. Okiro. Since Nigeria is under the tutelage of political gangsters, we didn’t expect any magic from a corrupt man and a liar like Okiro but the guy took the rot to a whole new level. With a bad cop like Okiro, Tafa Balogun became a tip of the iceberg. Barely 24 hours to leaving office, Mr. Okiro was soaked anew in new charges of corruption.

In 2008, reports released by Nigerian Human Right Organizations stated that the Nigerian Police was the number one violator of human rights in Nigeria. To this moment, the Nigerian Police have not refuted the statement. It is true. So Mr. Onovo will continue with such a legacy? Really?

Personally I am very, very afraid of the Nigerian Police. Each time they stop me on the road for normal vehicle checking, they always collect money from me. I have heard many stories of how innocent people have been shot dead and framed up. What am I supposed to do when they point their guns on my head? What are we supposed to do as ordinary Nigerians when the one who should protect us is threatening us with guns?

I have no iota of confidence in the Nigerian Police. In the last few weeks the reported cases of robbery, assassinations, kidnapping and general crime rate across Nigeria has escalated at an alarming rate. I don’t blame all of these on the Nigerian Police, not at all. This is a country where there is no plan for anyone not connected especially politically and where social security is zero.

I have written times without number that no single problem in Nigeria can be solved in isolation. In Nigeria, governance is non-existent. 2011 is already stolen. Another 6 years of deep-seated corruption, looting and further infrastructure decay has been sealed. Therefore it will be unfair to single out a department for outright bashing. I was just worried that Onovo promised to continue with failures.

The Nigerian Police Force, like the rest of us and our public institutions, is suffering from neglect. The Police Fund disappeared under Obasanjo and we don’t know what has happened to the family members of Obasanjo who allegedly stole the money. What has been done in the last 10 years to ensure that the Police stay one or two steps ahead of the criminals and robbers?

What are the roles of the Nigerian Police in the peculiar Nigerian Political arrangement? Have the Nigerian Police also decamped to the PDP? Specifically, with Ekiti in mind, in what ways have the Nigerian Police joined the PDP in destroying the foundations of our democracy?

Is it possible for the police to redeem its image as a drunken, red-face, money collecting gun trotter? How will the police ensure the protection of lives and property under Mr. Onovo? How can the Police become my friend? In 2011, as everyone continue to decamp to the PDP, what will be the role of the police in ensuring that my vote is counted?

Finally, Mr Okiro may have laid the foundation for the anticipated failure of Mr. Onovo. Hear him: Nigeria is one nation, no matter where you come from. We have to fight and die for the country and I will want all of you to support the president.

If Onovo supports Yar’ Adua (which is expected because he was appointed by Yar’ Adua), he will probably stand on the wrong side of history. But all men have a choice of how they want to be remembered in true historical scripts. This is like one of those movies-you can predict how you think it will end by looking at the names of the actors. 2011 and 2013 are around the corner. The end