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Genocide in Yoruba Nation: Aso Rock Of Horror (Viewers Discretion)

Warning for Gory Images Of THE IBARAPA GENOCIDE There are documentations which by now are in the hands of the United Nations showing how the APC-Buhari-Osinbajo regime comntinue to perpetrate genocide all over the failed geographical area called Nigeria. It is the Fulani that… Continue Reading “Genocide in Yoruba Nation: Aso Rock Of Horror (Viewers Discretion)”

That Ibadan Ritual Forest

Adeola Aderounmu The biggest news in Nigeria this week apart from the unending massacre in Northern Nigeria is the ritual forest discovered in Ibadan. Those who are not used to the “juju” of Africa will find this difficult to comprehend. But in Africa, well… Continue Reading “That Ibadan Ritual Forest”

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