Malcolm Fabiyi Wants a Change in Nigeria

By Adeola Aderounmu

Malcolm Fabiyi was one time president of the University of Lagos Students’ Union (That should be 1994/95). It was the same year/ time that I was the president of National Association of Zoology Students Unilag chapter.

Who knows what has become of Student Unionism in Nigeria?

In this video Malcolm encourages Nigerians to sign up for a change.

He condemns the wasteful celebration of Nigeria’s 50th anniversary.

I hope the Guiness Book of World Record has written that the celebration of Nigeria’s 50th anniversary is the worst and most wasteful celebration in the history of man. They should have it on record that for the first time in history over N17b was expended in the celebration of failures.

Malcolm went ahead to point up that in Nigeria the minimum wage in some states is N7 500.

How do Nigerian workers survive? How have they been paying their rent and bills? I think we need to send a group of researchers to Nigeria to find out how a Nigerian worker lives on N7 500 monthly. If I walk into a shop that amount of money cannot buy me a pair of shoes!!!

Here is Malcom in a video recorder at Wuse Market Abuja.

Every Nigerian must become a Malcolm if we want the change we talked about. We must act.