How Many Buhari Do You See?

How many Buhari do you see? I have many more pictures, I just need to find them to update.

Are you also confused? Welcome to the club!

VIDEO: Where is Mr. Buhari

Inibehe Effiong ask a question.

He answered it correctly too.

Nigeria is a failed, deserted country. This man confirmed what I have stated earlier that Garba Shehu is acting as the unelected president of Nigeria.

It is even crazy because Osinbajo who should be the acting president is tamed or caged in this dilemma.

Video: Who wants Dele Farotimi Dead?

Everyone is aware how this APC government has failed to tackle terrorism. We know how they killed peaceful protesters at Lekki in october 2020.

Now, who wants Dele Farotimi dead?

He has given names to his associates and lawyers. How l wish he could go one more step and tell us the names of those planning his assasination.

Nigeria is a useless, failed country.

We know the risk when we chose to stay on the same side as the suffering masses. But some of us will never trade sides.

We rather die telling the truth and opposing the criminals in all the useless political parties in Nigeria.

Do not touch Dele Farotimi! Don’t even try it.

Long may you live Dele!

Yoruba Nation Will Be Born

It is just a matter of time. We can feel it that we are pretty close now.

We are ready.

Yoruba Nation will be born!

Video: Governor Ortom Opposes Fulanisation Agenda

Samuel Ortom even questions why the APC government refused to declare Fulani a terrorist organisation.

On the global stage, Fulani are the 4th most violent terrorist group in the world. In Nigeria where they commit their atrocities, they are called bandits!

Update later…

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