Nigerian govt continues to kill innocent citizens (Sensitive videos)

By Adeola Aderounmu

In the last 48 hours alone, unspecified number of people have been killed by the Nigerian military/police forces.

Nigerian police removing the body of a 14-year old retailer shot dead at Ojota, Lagos

At the home of Sunday Igboho, different accounts continue to suggest different numbers of people killed. At least 2 are dead.

At the Lagos Rally of the Yoruba Nation which held ib July 3 2021, a 14 year old girl was shot dead by the Nigerian police.

As I wrote on my twitter page, if 1% of what has happened in NiGERISA

14 year old retailer shot dead at Ojota, Lagos.

The End Sars Protests need metamorphosis to #EndNigeria

It is the freedom of the nations within Nigeria that holds the keys to the prosperity of the regions and the people.

The End Sars Protests need metamorphosis to #EndNigeria

By Adeola Aderounmu


In recent days, running to weeks, protests have emerged across Nigeria. Mostly, young people from all works of lives are calling for an end to police brutality.

This is my first reaction to the protests. Obviously, a lot of people can’t find me on facebook because l deactivated my account during the summer and l tried so hard to stay away from it.

On twitter, l have not used the hashtag end sars for once. But on my microblog on instagram, my own hashtag still remains #ENDNIGERIA.

I am in full support of the end sars protest. However, l am also following the process as it develops because the goal definitely cannot be to end (only) police brutality and have the other situations as usual. I understand the demands have grown to 7 point agenda.

The agenda may grow to 100 point agenda for all it is worth.

As it is today, and as l have called for in the last couple of years, Nigeria must end, any demand or list of demand short of putting an end to the misery called Nigeria is half-baked bread.

Let me make my points clearer.

If you have been following my blog, it would appear that l am responsible for the end sars protest as a disguise for the calls l have made here and on my micro-instagram blog. On several occasions and very consistently and persistently, l have written that we have a long walk to freedom and we have to end the order of things in Nigeria to even begin to formulate a way forward.

The nations entrapped in Nigeria must be free, at all cost and by any means. It is the freedom of the nations within Nigeria that holds the keys to the prosperity of the regions and the people.

It won´t be eureka when the nations emerged but it should serve as the first step to securing the future of the indigenes today and the unborn generations tomorrow.

I want to live in a Yorubaland that is akin to the biblical fable paradise. I know it is a mirage to have such a dream now that l am 48. But l have nephews and nieces and l want their children and children’s children to inherit that land that l dream of.

That land is not possible under the present useless unitary system in Nigeria. That land is not possible together with other people whom l don’t share anything in common with and whose sole aim it to remain parasitic on me and suck the hell out of my existence. I need to break free before my young family members and their born and unborn children can inherit that land l dream of.

The closest thing to my dream was the Western Nigeria that existed before the 2 useless coups of 1966. Now, we have to even take more radical steps to ensure that when l break free this time, no stupid human being can rope me and my ethnic group into one useless union or country that has refused to progress for more than 60 years.

Read my blog to know my views and all the ground breaking theories l shared about Nigeria. Don’t judge my state of mind by this article alone.

If we die as Nigerians, and not as free members of the different nations entrapped in Nigeria, our lives have been wasted and we were good for nothing, just like our parents.

Nigerian politicians must not go unpunished even if the regions or nations emerge. All the useless people and politicians who have stolen our commonwealth, built houses in Dubai, London and US and who kept several billions in safe havens outside Nigeria should be punished. They should only start to think about being members of the new order in their respective nations after coughing the monies they stole. Those monies will go a long way in the rebirth of the nations.

Many politicians and military gangsters forming statesmanship ought to rot in jail for the rest of their lives.

I don’t know where end sars protests will culminate but if it does not bring about the independence of the nations and the freedom of the people, it still fall short of what l have advocated for and in my recent microblogs, l wrote that while we think that we have made progress, we have only actually deceived ourselves and before we know it, we are old and dying.

Again, let me be clear. The emergence of the nation may even lead to war and violence and fight for power and supremacy. Still, it is better than to live in perpetual slavery in Nigeria. I know it won’t be that bad because the end sars has shown that the indigenes trapped in Nigeria can actually cooperate to achieve common goals. Imagine how sweet and smoother it will be if they spoke the same language, wear the same clothes, share a common identity and a proud heritage. I think it will be much better.

I could go on as usual, because once l start to write, l drift and l almost cannot stop.

Summariy, l am with you, THE NIGERIN YOUTH. AT 48 and after many years of blogging and risking my lives coming in and out of Nigeria, it is good to leave the batton and see how you carry on.

I am with you not until the end of sars but until the end of the fraud called Nigeria. I hope to tarry long.

All the points on your agenda are what you need to take to your respective nations when you get your independence. Those points will be the start of new code of conducts for you and the people you would elect in your new nations. If the nations don’t emerge, you are going back to square one. Save this post and read it again in 2023 if you allow the useless APC and PDP to linger.

APC and PDP are criminal organisations. INEC too, is a criminal organisation. All the politicians are criminals. Sars is an offshoot of the criminal organisation called the Nigerian government. So this is beyond sars and we all know that.

I always say it is a long walk to freedom. If you stop at end sars and if the nations never emerge, the end sars protests will sustain the monsters in the system. It will bring forth new opportunists and they will be more brutal than what you have bargained for.

The freedom from Nigeria is now or never.

Nigerian President Wants Ballot Snatchers Killed

By Adeola Aderounmu

“….at the expense of his life”

This means death.


We have said it that this man should be taken off the ballot.

How can you say….”expense of his life’?

Because of ballot boxes?

Nowadays, nobody even snatches ballot boxes. Buhari is not even aware how the APC rigging machine brought him to power in 2015.

What a shame!

Rigging is done by manipulating results digitally through INEC.

In several states, like we saw in Abia state last week, results are written even before the elections are conducted. Yes. It is so in many places in Nigeria.

In Lagos, Tinubu can make anyone or anybody governor or assembly members. How is that possible? Buhari should just go home and stop disgracing his family in public.

Expense of his life….because of ballot box. This guy is not normal at all.


This video was viral on the day of the cancelled election, 16th february and it showed how election results are written by some state governor and passed to state INEC for announcement. This guy was unfortunate and surely somebody tipped the opposition or the police.

The guy did not snatch a ballot. He had results in his hands and the voting did not even take place.

Buhari’s statement is reckless, hopeless and taste of blood and vengeance. I maintain that Buhari is not a normal human being and should not be running on the platform of the APC.

History will remember that some of us kept to our stance/stand on this issue and many more in Nigeria. People may not care now, but the future generations will be guided by the mistakes of this reckless and slave-like generation of Nigerians.


Why Assassin Mbu Must Leave Western Nigeria Now!

Mr. Mbu’s prowess in killing ordinary civilians needs a converter-mechanism. His killing ratio of 1 police: 20 civilians may be useful in the attempt to end the Boko Haram war in a record time of 5 weeks. He should be posted to North Eastern Nigeria

Why Assassin Mbu Must Leave Western Nigeria Now!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Civilians have expressed shock and condemned the speech credited to Nigeria’s most notorious cop Mr. Joseph Mbu. APC the opposition party has condemned the speech while the PDP is yet to release any statement.

Mr. Mbu said that he will kill 20 civilians for every policeman that is killed. If not for the useless laws and absence of justice in Nigeria Mr. Mbu should have been arrested and questioned for making such reckless and unguarded utterances.

If found guilt of unwarranted or unnecessary incitement, he ought to be sacked or demoted.

But some people are already laughing at these suggestions because they have come to terms with the fact that Nigeria remains a jungle and a country where some people are above the laws.

It was for such stupid anomalies that Mr. Jonathan could talk of lynching a person called ole (thief) in Western Nigeria when asked about the difference between corruption and stealing. With Jonathan you will never find a bigger cluelessness anywhere in the world. He owns the limit.

Anyone who listened or endured all of Jonathan’s recent media chat must have a feeling of mental rape. He was just a waste of space and time.

Mr. Mbu has committed many atrocities across Nigeria. He remains a free man, a favourite in this clueless and corrupt regime of Jonathan.

Notorious Policeman, Joseph Mbu

Notorious Policeman, Joseph Mbu

Mr. Mbu is a killing machine waiting for the next bloody episode of his life. A lot has been written about this man’s notoriety everywhere he went or worked as a law enforcement officer.

With his indecent manner, thirst for blood and general disrespect for the rule of law, Mr. Mbu is not fit to live among normal people.

If he can kill 20 civilians for every dead policeman, what is he still doing in Western Nigeria?

Jonathan’s lazy and corrupt government will need such a trained killer in the war against Boko Haram.

Mr. Mbu’s prowess in killing ordinary civilians needs a converter-mechanism. This conversion and his killing ratio of 1:20 may be useful in the attempt to end the Boko Haram war in a record time of 5 weeks. He should be re-posted to Borno, in North Eastern Nigeria.

He will be an asset to the inefficient Nigerian army that cannot take care of an ordinary insurgent giving it room to become a cankerworm that has carved away 15% of Nigeria’s territory.

Having written about the police on a number of occasions especially between 2007 and 2009, l decided to look back at my essays.

In 2008 the Nigerian police was among the prime violators of human rights in Nigeria. The report at that time summed up the extra judicial killings that took place under one AIG called Okiro.

The report also came after a bloody lie from Mr. Okiro that Nigeria was one of the safest places on earth in 2007. That was at a time when he reviewed a certain 3 month period and told us that the Nigerian Police:

  • arrested 1628 robbery suspects
  • killed 785 robbers
  • lost 62 police officers
  • recovered 1582 arms and 6514 ammunition
  • recovered 242 stolen vehicles

He probably cooked up these figures as we know that official figures are always different from the realities. The 2008 report on the activities of the Nigerian police put his claims in the thrash bins where they belong.

In any case Mr. Joseph Mbu’s posting to Western Nigeria seemed to be timed and planned to coincide with an agenda coming from the lazy and corrupt government of Goodluck Jonathan whose reign is now known globally to be a serious badluck to Nigeria and Nigerians.

Mr. Mbu it now seemed was posted to Western Nigeria as part of the scheme of Mr. Jonathan to intimidate the people of Western Nigeria through killings or murders.

The statements credited to Mr. Mbu means that he was sent to Lagos to execute a script. He could not keep his mouth closed or quiet. He was excited about the renewed license to kill. He has now threatened to kill 20 civilians for every policeman that is killed.

That will set a new world record for openly professed and planned extra judicial killings.

I insist that Mr. Mbu should be taken into custody and interrogated. It might seem an impossible mission to interrogate a man carrying out the orders of Jonathan or some elements whose goals we now see clearly. But he must answer some questions.

Why does he think that a policeman will be killed in the first place?

Is he anticipating that his men will start a trouble that may warrant the civil people protecting themselves? Is he afraid that his men will be killed if for example they try to interfere with the electoral process in Western Nigeria? Is he anticipating a backlash as a result of the leaked rigging process that took place in Ekiti?

Mr. Mbu was posted to western Nigeria for a reason. It is getting clearer.

The people of Western Nigeria must be on alert and resist with whatever it takes any man or agent of evil who threatens to decimate them.

Mr. Mbu must be placed on the radar and alert system of the custodian of our commonwealth and security in Western Nigeria and he must be treated as a threat or a terrorist.

As a matter of fact, all the governors in Western Nigeria ought to rise up irrespective of their political parties and push Mr. Mbu out of Western Nigeria now.

Mr. Mbu can actually kill a policeman tomorrow and put him on the street to actualise the start of his plans. According to his silly, wicked and condemnable track records, this man can do anything for his masters in Abuja.

Therefore an intensive campaign to rid Western Nigeria of Mr. Mbu should start in earnest. Western Nigeria cannot accommodate a federal government-sponsored assassin.

Any attempt from Mr. Mbu’s part to take down 20 citizens of Western Nigeria for the life of one police officer which he is also ready to stage manage should be resisted with the ultimate resistance. He should be caged and sent packing to wherever he is coming from.

When this season of madness, which includes the truncating of the democratic process that was to take place on February 14 2015, is over, that urgent call to determine the future of Nigeria must be put on the table quickly.

That is if Mr. Jonathan does not tear Nigeria into pieces with his reckless decisions, strengthening of terrorists groups and zombification of the Nigerian military.

Western Nigeria can’t accommodate a senseless and thoughtless Mr. Mbu-a fellow planning a mass murder on behalf of federal agents.

The emerging generations of Nigerians must discuss the type of government that suits them with true federalism as a prime suggestion.

Also it now seems that the structures and operations of the security forces including the army and the police also need to be discussed.

Among other urgent matters that will shape the future appearance of Nigeria’s geographical and political landscape, the call for state police has just gathered more valid points.

I take it very seriously and in fact very personal when a foreign policeman threatens to decimate my people in the region that my fore-fathers fought for and protected with their blood.

Mr. Mbu is an assassin and he must leave now!