Nigeria at 51, It’s Not Working..!

Adeola Aderounmu

This is probably the first time in 5 years that I am not writing a serious article concerning Nigeria’s Independence anniversary.

The reasons are obvious.

For several years I’d known that the problem with Nigeria is not whether we write or say things- the problems have always been that we keep doing the wrong things.

If you tell typical Nigerians how you wished that everyone is honest and that no one is stealing or looting, they just hissed at you. They’ll tell you to keep dreaming. When they are departing they’ll tell you not to be a fool, that you should be sure to loot or steal if you find yourself in government. They emphasized it deeply that when it is “their turn” they will eat and Nigeria will still have loads of money left.

I wrote about Nigeria being almost a fool at 49. A year after that I was seriously angry when prodigal Jonathan wasted over N20b to celebrate 50 years of madness and failure. Only in Nigeria do failures deserve such a wasteful celebration. It was double tragedy. You failed (still failing) then you wasted billons to mark the stupidity.

Even as failure was celebrated, the governors, legislator, commissioners, ministers and all sorts of government officials continued to steal, loot and merry in vain. When everybody steals then it is impossible to stop the process.
Nigeria is worth crying for. She is doomed. The general acceptance that someone can rule Nigeria because he or she is less corrupt than another person says it all.

If we follow the law of Idiagbon 99.9% of those in government today in Nigeria would be condemned to death at the firing squad starting from the presidency to the last department in the local government areas.

Unfortunately we don’t have an Idiagbon law. So evil can flourish. Nigeria is ruled by evil doers and extremely corrupt people who have become dominant as far as public service is concerned. They are few but persistent and dominant.

In all vices that can affect countries or nations, Nigeria is ranked at the top of the ladder of evil.
When corruption is mentioned, we are there at the top. Diseases, we are always on the rise. Poor countries are doing away with diseased including malaria. Nigeria has probably the highest rate of malaria death and maternal mortality in the world.

Electricity supply in Nigeria is negligible. It is almost non-existent. The recent increase in MW is not worth mentioning. It is a disgrace to human intelligence to even announce that type of rubbish and nonsense.
School, Water, Roads and other basic things of life-51 years after independence-have been taken away from the ordinary people.

Nigeria is for the highest bidder and they are in control until the next sets of winners take over. The losers are over 70% of Nigerians living desperately on less than 2 dollars a day and having no sustainable source of income-yet preferring to remain resilient and prayerful rather than becoming resistant and taking their destinies into their hands through the biggest massive revolution ever seen on earth.

A fool at 51 is probably a fool forever. Nigeria will probably never make it as a country. 51 years is an age that is too late for reforms or new education. Instead New nations with great potentials should emerge from Nigeria and the earlier this is done peacefully the better for all and sundry.

In a previous post I have dismissed the fear of allowing nations to emerge from Nigeria. The other options including the rise of BOKO HARAM and terrorism are far worse than allowing the different nations to go their ways.

At 51 Billions of Naira will be wasted in Nigeria to celebrate again. But the people are suffering and employment rate is extremely high despite the purported growth rate. The politicians will celebrate and they will award contracts for the parties which are more avenues to steal.

Seriously several Nigerian politicians are mad and need psychological evaluations. We will never understand why their works remain undone for 51 years while they steal, loot and make merry on common wealth. We also have no explanation for why good people become thieves inside government.

I started this essay by wondering on why we must all be thieves when we are inside the government. I think it will be hard for people to steal in Oduduwa Republic because they will swear by Sango at their inaugurations and Sango will strike them to death when they steal or loot. How about that?

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One thought on “Nigeria at 51, It’s Not Working..!

  1. Excellent post and I kind of agree with almost all you say. What though is the solution. Democracy, military rule, creating more states or a peaceful division of the Nation. Apart from talking and writing about the problem I find it hard to think of a solution. May be Nigeria needs some good leaders.


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