Mr. Jonathan, It’s Not Mudslinging, It’s the Truth. All of you have stolen!

Adeola Aderounmu

One of the things no one can take away from politicians is their abilities to expose one another. In Nigeria over the past 50 years politicians and military rulers alike have constantly exposed one another just to win the sympathy or support of the people.

The Public Media Outfit of Mr. Jonathan issued a statement which was aired on NTA News on 21st March 2011. The statement cautioned Yinka Odumakin the spokesperson for Gen. Buhari.

But it is one unplanned misfire from one of the paid basket mouths in the PDP camp that sparked off this chain of incidents. Nigerians should enjoy it the way they enjoyed the Obasanjo-Atiku saga and the Atiku-Jonathan saga.
But what we must do is to bring all these looters and liars to judgment at the slightest opportunity. No one of these men should escape the wrath to come.

This is my take on all these accusations and counter accusations.

General Buhari and Atiku Abubakar knew about the several suitcases that were smuggled or brought into Nigeria without proper checks when Buhari was the dictator. Buhari cannot continue to tell Nigerians that the suitcases were personal properties of a few people and that we should go and ask Atiku why they were not checked. Buhari took charge of other things in Nigeria that year, why not the suitcases. And I am not absolving Atiku in anyway; these men are heavily corrupt and hardcore liars.

The details of Buhari drug war on the innocent while sparing the corrupt military has been alleged as one of the nemesis that caught up with him.

If I take Buhari up on the debate issues, he is not close to the president Nigeria needs at this moment. Buhari still believes that Nigerian should dig deep wells to avoid water borne diseases. This man is fastened to the 10th century and I wonder what he wants at the presidency.

Buhari wants Nigerians to bring expatriates from abroad to solve Nigeria’s health problem when Nigerian are solving medical problems around the world. How enlightened and knowledgeable is Buhari?

The best thing from Buhari in the debate was highlighting the source of the militancy in the Niger Delta. But he could have done better anyway to confirm what I have always written that it was Obasanjo and Odili who bought the weapons that started the militancy. They armed these guys for the do or die elections.

The people who live in the Niger Delta told the story just like my mother told me the story of how the civil war led to increase in armed robbery in Nigeria because after the war ended guns remained in the hands of the people. The similarities are too striking.

The greatest liar of them is Nuhu Rubadu. Ribadu told Nigerians many things when he was Obasanjo’s boy-boy. Now that he is lining up with the same people that he prosecuted, the story lines have changed. In Ribadu myopic and extremely selfish and wicked world-Nigerians are no longer corrupt. It is the system that is corrupt. So the system is now being operated by robots in Nigeria?

The most difficult thing to sustain and defend is a lie. This is why Ribadu continues to speak from all sides of his mouth depending on where he is and who he is addressing.

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan are now relying on the statement that Ribadu made recently that he never accused Patience Jonathan (if you are looking for dame, you are reading the wrong blog) of fraud or stealing.

What about the governor that took over from Jonathan? His opening speech as a governor was used by Atiku to target Jonathan and this was shown every night on NTA News as Atiku battles Jonathan for the PDP ticket. The guy said Jonathan left an empty treasury in Bayelsa and it has not been disputed by anyone. Or was the guy preparing the stage for the looting to continue?

Ribadu is probably the greatest liar alive in Nigeria today. Men and women who have no shame exhibit this type of character. Being a liar is not different from being a thief. They are both vices that have contributed to the looting and destruction of Nigeria.

In any case who needs a Ribadu to confirm that Mrs. Jonathan was twice alleged to have been involved in money laundering? The case had already gone International and not in the hands of Ribadu. Ribadu is not EFCC. Does Mr. Jonathan need further clarification for that?

The intelligence question and reasoning is a big question mark in the Nigerian political scene and I cannot explain enough how these men drag themselves around like clowns. They are absolutely despicable.


I blame the people of Nigeria. I continue to blame myself too.

We are a people looking for opportunities to grab here and there and so we allow nonsense and stupidity to pass for normalcy.

I can’t count how many times I have wept for Nigeria. I’ve mentioned this before and I mean real tears. It happened today.

It hurts to see a people acting so foolish and helpless. The typical Nigerian attitude is inexplicable.

Thousands of organizations have sprung up in Nigeria and abroad in the name of support for the ruling party.
PDP, if they ever return or maintain power will plunge more Nigerians below the poverty line. A government to be headed by Jonathan will continue to steal like they have done for the past 12 years.

They have looted uncontrollably since 1999.They shared 50 millions dollars that was meant for power supply, just like that.

They spent 20 billion naira in one day in the name of a stupid 50th anniversary of failure. What a tragedy!

It’s easy to cry when these types of party and the people in it are still receiving support because of the opportunistic nature of Nigerians. I make bold to say that all forms of support to this party especially from Nigerians in diaspora is TOTAL FRAUD. Nigerians abroad who support PDP are wicked callous, senseless, and useless. Do they have an idea of how this party has destroyed Nigeria since 1999?

PDP will become a permanent evil of axis if they succeed in convincing Nigerians for votes or if they rigged by the power of the incumbency.

I have never said that getting PDP out of the way will solve our problems like the magic pills but it will provide us with the means to see another opportunity.

I have not forgotten that this is one election I don’t wish for.

I am too convinced that these April elections are far from the medication that Nigeria needs.

If you’re wondering why I shed tears again. Here are a few tips;

I continue to see several hungry agencies and associations supporting PDP in Nigeria and abroad.

Nigerian artists continue to form agency after agency. Now it’s Neighbour for Neighbour agency. Jonathan gave them a huge sum as trust fund and I’m sure they are already sharing the money or fighting over it as usual. To see Onyeka Onwenu and other helpless artists canvassing for the evil party broke me. Nigerian artists remain hungry because this is not their first appearance. They have done this many times.

National Okada association met Jonathan. They gave him support. Jonathan said that the federal government of Nigeria can use Okada to solve the problems of crime in Nigeria. I wept!

Nigerian rulers are not only dull but they are also wicked and thoughtless. You will use Okada to solve crime in Nigeria?
I have learnt that if you have nothing to say, you stay quiet and if you have no answer to a problem, say I don’t know!
Nigerian politicians prefer to lie and talk rubbish.


The front runners for the forthcoming unnecessary elections in April 2011 are liars, deceivers and corrupt people who should be thrown to jail immediately. But in Nigeria, they are worshipped and compared to one another depending on how corrupt they are. I am sad.

Unfortunately I have no good knowledge about Kano but I respect mallam Shekarau. I am not endorsing him as I will never make the mistake of entering the business of endorsing Nigerian politicians.

It is just a confession that Shekarau so far displayed far more intelligence than the intelligences of Jonathan, Buhari and Ribadu summed together. I underrated him before I heard him speak and again I confess that the guy swept me off my feet.

After the debate, despite his shortcomings, I have heard reports about good things in Kano. Someone argued that Kano is not Nigeria. Indeed. On what platform shall a man be assessed if he wants to be a national leader?

I agree with on EFCC and ICPC. He called them glorified police station. He is so right! EFCC and ICPC, just like NTA and over 400 other parastatals in Nigeria are pure waste of public funds. Nigeria since 1960 continues to run the most wasteful government in the history of man.

Mallam Shekaau is not regarded as a strong contender even though we have not been given a public opinion survey within Nigeria.

I felt so sorry for Pat Utomi because at his Lagos campaign, there were just a few people. If he was a PDP candidate who had stolen money Nigerians will troop to the venue with the hope that when he start to share the looted funds like Jonathan is doing, they will get something.

Maybe Pat Utomi should start thinking of lesser offices where, if he is truly genuine, can impact on people’s lives. A local government chairman is not a bad idea. A man should never be too proud if he is called to serve, even at the lowest capacity.

I weep For Nigeria. Change is not near unless we make it happen in a radical way.

5 thoughts on “Mr. Jonathan, It’s Not Mudslinging, It’s the Truth. All of you have stolen!

  1. This is such a good expose. However, I beg to differ a little. While Muhammadu Buhari or anybody for that matter is not a saint, he has a record of probity in public office that most of his contemporaries don’t have. According to various accounts I have read about his administration as head of state, the major reason adduced for his overthrow by the IBB cabal was because of his insistence on investigating the alleged corruption in the ministry of defence. Your view that the 2011 election is unnecessary is unjustifiable. The Yorubas will say “if you remove all firewood from the fire because of the smokes, which wood will be left to finish your cooking” I agree things are not as good as they could be in Nigeria currently, but any sincere observer will agree that it is not as terrible as it used to be. That much should be appreciated by all in proferring solution to our problems. We will keep improving on the process with time. Let us not just be idealistic or academic when proferring solutions to Nigeria’s problem. May God help us and give us leaders from this elections that will move Nigeria inches closer to eldorado. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria


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