Come Let’s Celebrate! It’s 50 Years of Hopelessness!

By Adeola Aderounmu

I continue to marvel.

They are either aliens or extremely special breeds of wicked souls taking revenge for things that I cannot explain.

I will probably continue to write about this particular issue until October 1st and afterwards.

We have complained that it is morally wrong for Nigeria to celebrate the 50th year anniversary in an ostentatious manner because of the resounding failure of the various governments since 1960.

Our pleas and appeals have fell on deaf ears.

Goodluck Jonathan planned to celebrate with 10b Naira. We complained. We suggested that the money should be used to procure cancer testing machines for our dilapidated hospitals.

Yar Adua died of kidney and heart problems. The government of Nigeria should consider millions of Nigeria suffering/dying daily for the same/ similar reasons and procure kidney dialysis machine and other instruments relevant to the testing and treatment of kidney and heart problems.

These idiots in government don’t see the need to divert money into the health institutions so that we can increase the life expectancy of Nigerians with figures less than 50 years.

One man told me that if Goodluck does not do the party that some other persons will embezzle the money. This is the level to which the Nigerian mentality has descended. We talk like mad people.

Alas! The men in the Nigerian senate/ house of assembly confirmed the stupidity in the Nigerian political space by reviewing upward the money for the party. I think it is now around 16-17 billion naira!

So ladies and gentlemen of the sane world, we will soon be treated to a worldwide party that will cost 17 billion naira or more.

And we also live in a country where scavengers make less than 200 naira a day and they have families to feed.

Our politicians in Nigeria are special.

Sometimes I think their senses are under their feet, smashed.

We are complaining that we should have a low key celebration and use this time of our 50th anniversary to map out strategies that will make us emerge a developed country in our second jubilee and all we can get for the calamities in Nigeria is a party worth 17 billion naira or more.

No greater madness!

The money is not a big deal to those who approved it because they can steal, loot and cart away millions through exaggerated salaries and bonuses while the rest of us can go to hell.

These people who think and act foolishly owe us no apology, no probity and no accountability because we didn’t vote for them.

Our politics is jungle politics where the fittest survive and win everything. The weak and losers lick their wound and beg for favours.

We are in trouble and constant dilemma.

It is hard to believe how we reason and how corruption had destroyed the essence of our lives.

Today I dedicated my twitter and facebook statuses to the African children whose future had been stolen even before they were born.

Has anyone thought of a 17billion naira education endowment fund, how much it will avail if it is not looted?

Curse apart, suffering will persist on the African continent until true freedom is fought for.

Freedom after all is not free.

10 thoughts on “Come Let’s Celebrate! It’s 50 Years of Hopelessness!

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  2. We do not know what Jonathan wants to use 10bn Naira for.The senators increasing it to 17bn Naira is an indication that embezzlement is imminent.The chop I chop politics is about to yield dividends.We have talked and talked.All talk and no action makes Taiwo a dull man.Our leaders are unpatriotic.They don’t love this country.Their interest is self-centered.How long shall we cry!


  3. I think you have hit the nail on the head , a greater degree of consciousness.

    There is no reason to celebrate anything. The 50 years post independence has been characterised by 50 years of regression. Things are worse now than 50 years ago.

    If Jonathan had any spine, he would cancel these “celebrations”. All that is needed is a sombre address to the nation apologising for the failures of his government and previous governments to deliver. He should spell out clearly what his objectives are during his tenure and pledge himself to achieving them before his term finishes.

    After that he can go to some of the poorer districts of Abuja, and see how the average man lives, he can use that as motivation to do something positive and useful.

    The main point which you raised at the end, is for people to develop a greater social consciousness and throw off the divisive and unproductive ways of division through ethnicity and religion.

    There has to be a way to make politicians accountable and to remove them from office democratically if they are failing in their duties.

    Nigeria’s government needs to be serious like the economies of Asia like China, India, Vietnam, South Korea. Those guys don’t joke and get things done! Look at where these countries are now, economic power is now moving to Asia.

    The time of slack governments should be at an end. We need governments that can move things forward, and not specialise in superficial gestures, to cover for their deficiencies.


  4. It still boils down to the fact that the enemy and his agents have taken over Nigeria. Where are the people who have the fear of God in their hearts? They should rise up and lets work towards saving Nigeria from these pirates and bandits who have been in power.


  5. fellow nigerians i beleive that every celebration is best when we have gotten good infrastructure s such as electricty, pipe borne water, good health care system etc. we should come out of this system of kidnapping our collective right as citizen of this nation. we are celebrating 50 years of hardship, kidnapping, deaths, rigging of electoral process disnfrachchis img the general pupolace, please we should use that day to mourn for our dear nation either by prayer and fasting or be on our sackcloth not eating fatlings because of the 2011 election so that it will not be truancated by the vultures called nigeria politicians and their fellow foreign robbers


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