Inter Milans’ Champions League Victory: A million points for Samuel Eto’o

By Adeola Aderounmu

Barcelona’s coach Josep Guardiola is the most ungrateful coach/ sportsman I have seen in the last few decades. Even if you were going to sell a player because he suddenly became a surplus, there was no need to subject that player to ridicule or humiliation in the process of doing that.

When Eto’o was sold to Inter Milan, he was subjected to unnecessary humiliation by Josep Guardiola. In fact one season before that he had wanted to do away with Eto’o but the humble Samuel went on to win both the league and champions league with Barcelona as one of the highest goal scorers in Europe.

Jose Mourinho has gone proved to the world that he is the best coach in the world and that Samuel Eto’o is one of the most versatile player alive today.

Eto’s didn’t have to scored all the goals. He did his bits but his contributions to the success story of Inter Milan this year shows that he is among the greatest African footballer of all time.

Nobody will forget that he gave the pass to Milito when Inter defeated Bayern Munich in the 2010 Champions league final. Nobody will forget that he was in the attack, he was in the midfield and he was always beside Maicon when needed. You will never find a more versatile player in football today. Who could have thought that Samuel Eto’o has all these qualities? Thanks for Mourinho for bringing out all these qualities in Eto’s.

Mourinho is the special one, a genius who has proved to Guardiola that Eto’o is one greatest players in world football today. In short you don’t sell a treasure like him if you dream of winning the Champion Cup.

This topic will not be complete without feeling some sympathy for Zlatan. Zlatan left Inter Milan because he wanted to win the champions league with Barcelona. That was a wrong move. In recent history it has been rare to see a club win the champions league back-to-back. So Zlatan’s move to Barcelona was a careless move for success but good one for money. Now we know that Zlatan is a misfit in Barca’s shirt and he’s probably looking at his options now that Bacelona has bought David Villa. Well, their headache!

Congratulations Samuel Eto’o, Your name is now written in Gold. You have won 3 champions league gold in about a period of 5 years. You are one of the greatest African footballers. Some will say that you are the best. This is not a debate but a tribute to you, that we love you and we will continue to follow your progress.

Samuel, you have no more points to prove that you are one of the greatest. Just go to the world cup in South Africa and do your best.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

As we say in Nigeria, shame to bad people!

3 thoughts on “Inter Milans’ Champions League Victory: A million points for Samuel Eto’o

  1. Big Up and Kudos for paying due homage to one of Africa’s best kept treasures – Samuel Eto’o Fils!!!

    I can only add a little contribution to this well written article by Adeola Aderounmu: what Pep Guardiola meant for evil against Eto’o, GOD Almighty has transformed it into a soothing Blessing for this “versatile” soccer star. Who GOD has Blessed (in this case Samuel Eto’o) no man and not even Pep Guardiola can curse. Eto’o is higly favored and richly Blessed…period!

    I don’t want my worst enemy to be in Ibrahimovich’s and Guardiola’s shoes….the Swedish brag and his myopic Catalonian coach will be gnashing their teeth this hour. But as Adeola Aderounmu has rightly written, that is “their headache”. Guardiola should humbly learn from “The Special One’s” (Mourinho’s) dynamism who is a master in optimizing and making the best of all available human resources at his disposal .Ibrahimovic on his part must take lessons from Eto’o in understanding that soccer is a collective and not an individual sporting activity. Eto’o has sacrificed personal glory by forfeiting his goal-getting features as an attacker in favor of Inter Milan’s triple assault on every front. This is what I call wisdom! This marvellous outcome was unthinkable nine months ago when the captain Indomitable lions reluctantly gave in to the transfer from Barca last season. We should not forget that Eto’o was forcefully evicted from what he calls “home” (that is Barcelona FC). He had sacrificed his blood,sweat and tears for Barca only to be told that his coach was not having a positive feeling with him! How could Guardiola be so dumb and mean? I asked myself. But now I see that GOD ALMIGHTY has already chosen Eto’o to achieve what players of the calibre of Pele, Diego Maradona, Zidane, or Platini never achieved in their star-studded careers. I can gladly admit that Eto’0 has made the right deal…ha ha ha!!! He who laughs last laughs longer and laughs best…Just picture Eto’o laughing after overcoming his naysayers!!!

    Unfathomable but not impossible!!! The journey of this wonderful African player is absolutely inspiring to this young generation of Africans all over the world. Keep on marching on triumphantly and may the Almighty GOD be your Guide and your Standard!!! Peace and Blessings to all readers.


  2. There is nothing else to add.Africa has some of the worlds best talents in the game of soccer.Winning a treble back to back certainly puts this guy way beyond(he is the only one in the history of footy to have received that award) and the superbly written article above cannot all but inspire many of us who love the debate.


  3. Glad to see you not discriminating against Cameroonians (despite their taking control of Bakassi – only joking, that is all history).

    He (Samuel Eto’o) is a very good and humble player, he deserves all the credit and more that comes his way.

    Respect to Mr Eto’o.


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