Adeola Aderounmu

If Jonathan returns from the US, Nigerians should start paying attention to both his speeches and body language.

IBB declared his intention to run for presidency on the same day that Jonathan is meeting Obama. The witch cried last night, the child died today. Who does not know that it was the witch that cried last night that killed the baby?

There are suspicions that the US is backing Babangida’s candidacy for the presidential election coming up in Nigeria in 2011.

Summarily, without wasting time, Babangida is a thief. He is a key player among those who destroyed Nigeria. He is part of those who stole our future. In his time, he didn’t do it alone. Infact he chose some men and women of substance in Nigeria and together, they institutionalized corruption. They took corruption to a new height and level. For 8 years as a dictator and tyrant, Babangida destroyed the foundations of Nigeria’s democratic institutions. For several more years he stood behind the scene and monitored the degradation of our lives.

Without wasting more time, this stupid and useless man annulled the best election ever conducted in Nigeria in 1993. By now, Babangida should be in kirikiri facing life sentence. The fact that he is still a free man implies that Nigeria is a funny and ridiculous country. Nigeria is peculiar.
Babangida stole Nigeria to dryness! He is alleged to have masterminded the killing of Dele Giwa among many other atrocities.

It is only in Nigeria that a known thief will control other people and order them around. It is only in Nigeria that someone who stole more than 12 billion dollars will walk free. Where is the money that Nigeria made when the US fought Iraq during the gulf war? Babangida has not told anyone where the money went to.
Babangida in the Nigerian context is one of the untouchables. He is simply above the laws in Nigeria. Why can’t he be charged for treason for all his roles in coups? Why can’t he be successfully investigated for the monies he stole? How long was Babangida in service and how much money could he have made for those years? Does his wealth tally with the money he made as a soldier or businessman?

He said he is the most investigated person in Nigeria. Really?

If he was investigated in deed and truth, he should be in prison by now drinking garri and eating dry beans.
And he has the guts to declare that he wants to be president in Nigeria. Sometimes I think Nigeria is not on planet earth. This is why I still consider the EFCC (whether under Ribadu or Farida) as a HUGE joke. The biggest and the most popular thieves in Nigeria are free men and women. Who is fooling who?

When Nigeria is ready, the likes of Babangida, Obasanjo, Atiku, Ibori, Anenih and even Jonathan himself will have their residential addresses changed. They all belong to kirkiri maximum prison!

How many of the politicians in Nigeria can tally their wealth with their incomes or business earnings? 99.9% of them are looters! It is painful because they loot and do nothing tangible to improve the country and the quality of lives that we live. There are several countries in the world where politicians steal and loot but at the same time they make significant contributions to the society. In several countries, corruption is limited.
In Nigeria corruption is unlimited, it is the norm.

If Mr. Obama has anything to do with Babangida, it will be one big scandal we must blow to the open. Those who know should give us the facts and figures. Obama should mind the relationships he keeps and he should actually stay clear of Nigeria’s affairs if this is the type of candidate he would support. Is the US supporting IBB because they want to reward him for crimes that have been covered for years? Or is it just to keep the oil flowing from the filthy deadly delta to America. No greater scandal. The blood of the slain innocent people will drown all accomplices in this matter.

Nigeria will probably be a struggling country for as long as the clean-up is postponed. Nigeria should resist all forms of internal and external supports that IBB is counting on. If it will cost us our lives, let’s pay that price for our children and children’s children. At some point we must start the process that will regain this nation or part of it for the good of those we love and what they will come to represent-the future.

The reformation of the Electoral Commission should be expanded to include ascertaining the sources of wealth of the contestants. Let Babangida tell Nigeria how he came about the Castle in Minna? Let’s see his bank accounts, transactions and business profits. Let him and his likes come forward and give us solid accounts of how they made it BIG.

The ultimate Electoral Change will be credible elections and the counting of our votes. To allow the likes of IBB to contest and buy votes with our looted monies will further make a mess of our already stolen and pitiable existence.

IBB belongs to kirikiri maximum prison and the earlier he and his likes get there the better for the Save Nigeria Project.

YES, Enough is Enough!

Who will save us from this re-emerging evil?


  1. Trust Nigerians to always vote into power the wrong person. If we have any sense, babangida should score zero (0) votes. But because of the ‘chop – chop’ politics of Nigeria, don’t be surprised if he gets back to Aso Rock.


  2. What you say about Babangida is very true. The failure by the society to apprehend him and bring him to trial states volumes about the level of justice or the quality of the legal system there.

    I read a comment by “Olive N”. She encapsulates how Nigerians to date have missed golden opportunities to move the country one step forward, despite having access to more wealth than the colonialists ever had.

    Please read it, you will see what a fine article she wrote here is the link.


  3. All you said so far about the monster call Babangida is true but Nigeria is a place of gross injustice. some people believe in manipulating the political stage in their favour. The solution to our problems in Nigeria lies in returning to our origin of regional government or total disintegration of the country into North, East and West and let the mid west (Edo and Delta) decide for either West or East and Middle Belta especially the Kogi and Kwara decide for north or not that is when nigeria will experience total peace. thank you.


  4. @Samuel….. In 1993, Kim Cambell was running against Jean Christien in the Canada eelction for Prime Minister. Kim Cambell would have cliched that post but for a very stupid mistake she made, in one of her add campaign, she openly challenged and mocked Jean Chriatien disasbility. Do not stoop to the level of having to insult anyone because it is only men who have no worde to express their inner most feelings the results to the street way of insult.
    Now to Bebby Chibs, what blood are you talking about? The Nigeria l know is the Nigeria that thrives in them say. l say. you say. You should grow above that infantile level and try to collect facts ourselve, of course our laziness will not allow us to visit the library and research that which bothers us. This is a country where groups of permanent house wifes and lazy bones either sit in the salon or beer parlours to discuss National issues culled out of gozzip soft sell magazines and hold dearly to it as the truth and nothing but the truth.
    Julius Bisong, when a man learns not to look towards the the future but stagnant himself in thefoolery of the past, then the present remains a mirage to such a man. I am sick and tired of election annulled, election anulled, please welcomed to the year 2010 and lets move ahead.
    I will strongly advice Nigeria youths, to seat down and listen attentively to the programmes each contestant have, and go through everything they say with a fine tooth comb, and vote for the one that has better programes for the masses of this country, and not because they are from your village or trued or region.
    I will be dammed if l allow my vote to be determined by the nearness of the candidate to me. My pain, love for this country, pitty for that man whose children can not feed nor go to school because, his country has let him down, tears for the woman who just lost a beloved child because she could not afford medical bills, agony for the brilliant brain sacrificed on the operation table because, the light went off as always, when he was been operated upon, will guide my vote.
    My vote will never be guided by fallacy but facts. Sentiments will not be part of my determining force, nor religion or tribe. Simply put, l do not care of the tribal affiliation of who rules, what l care about is can you help my beloved country. Save me for the tears which is about to drown me, the tears l share for my beloved country, oh cry my beloved country for you have been brutaly raped by your own children.


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