Nigeria’s PDP, Evil at its peak!

By Adeola Aderounmu

The PDP wants the next president of Nigeria to come from Northern Nigeria. This means we don’t have to waste billions of naira on the next election in 2011. Good that they mentioned that early so we don’t have to waste our time and energy.

There is nothing about Nigerian Politics that makes sense to me. Everything is absurd. The PDP has a right to its manifesto. I’m just afraid that they are going to have their way because of the weakness of the opposition and the money-bag Nigerian politics.

Those who made the pronouncement have been paid to say to. They are people who have no dot of morality left on their skin or in their polluted blood. The PDP is mainly controlled and owned by military dictators and men and women who have no sense of moral judgements. Their consciences are under their feet, they never get prickled.

What is the purpose of the pronouncement? Here we see a classical example of our enslavement. Invariably Mr. Jonathan who is busy trying to appease evil and good at the same time has been given a sack letter in advance. He is a member of the PDP, I am sure he knows that PDP is evil in nature and he rode on the back of the evil to get to power.

I don’t think he has anything to say about the announcement. He will probably spend the remaining days of his administration looting and stealing now that he knows that he has limited time. In Nigeria the politics is about who steals most. It is about smart looting and getting away. 50 years after independence there is no electricity in Nigeria. All our monies and commonwealth have been stolen, by a few!

Still we have been told where the next looter will come from, the North! Again? The only way to negate this ambition is for the rest of us to rise against this evil, ONCE AND FOR ALL! What about making the opposition as formidable as ever? How can the PDP realise this ambition if 140m Nigerians belong to one opposition party?

I will strongly advise Nigerians to shelve the idea of splitting the opposition. PDP is playing on our collective intelligence and they are getting away with it, too often. It is sad the nature of our politics. We have myriads of political parties just for selfish gains. It is ridiculous. We need to get ourselves together.

Every 4 years we get a chance to build a democracy and every 4 years we screwed it up since 1999. This is why the PDP continues to dictate the pace of our suffering and decadence. The PDP is not interested in the development of Nigeria or the progress of Nigerians.

On one hand, I think that the written or unwritten part of the PDP constitution that allows for rotational presidency in their useless manifesto should be erased. There is nothing wrong with allowing all interested and qualified candidates in vying for the position of the president of Nigerian. And if by a normal electoral process a northerner emerges, let it be. On the other hand I think it is the “evil intentions” of the members of the PDP that have overridden their cognitive abilities. They lost their senses because of the Winner takes all purpose of Nigerian politics. Get to power and steal….!

Back to the opposition and back to Nigerians-now we know what is ahead. How well can we be prepared to face the reality? Check out all the loads of problems facing us-too numerous to recount again-still what we hear now is that our sufferings may continue.

Rather than allow Jonathan to lead, they have seized his hands and taken over his thinking. I saw the list of advisors that Jonathan appointed and I almost cried. Goodluck Jonathan is a complete disappointment, not be his nature this time, but by the nature of the things around him that he cannot change. He belongs to the group of corrupt and bad rulers. I do not need any further confirmation and I do not feel sorry for him.

Together all this men that continue to recycle themselves and their likes in power have succeeded in enslaving us and telling us in different versions that they owned Nigeria. We are the captives!

I don’t know if I should comment on the House of Representatives and what they have been up to under that shameless Dimeji Bankole. I would be wasting my precious time today if I do that. The Nigerian House of Representative is filled with fools and dunces!

I don’t know how they manage to sleep at night! These people are wicked, heartless and thoughtless. I have no more time for them today.

Whatever Nigerians allow these people to do will shape the days and years to come. I feel so sorry for Nigerians who are living on less than a dollar/day while their selfish politicians and evil rulers are carting away billions daily.

What a shame!

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