Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerian lawmakers finally gave their backing to the ascension of Mr Jonathan to the position of acting president. There are already arguments that the procedures are illegal and unconstitutional.

What I consider positive under the present circumstances is that at least there is a chance to move the nation forward. It is a different story entirely to dissect the person and nature of Mr. Jonathan.

I am more interested on what will become of our politics and the effect on the Nigerian people in the coming days. How are we going to tackle poverty, crime, unemployment and many other vices plaguing us?

We have just seen elections in Anambra State. Obviously several commentators have drawn positive conclusions from the process. However, the flaws are too numerous to ignore. It carried the usual elements of scandal with it. I can’t stop asking: when are we going to start doing things right? And I am tired of the excuses, how much time do we need?

The process of selection that brought in Yar Adua and Jonathan in 2007 is something that we have overflogged. We should never even talk about them again. We must however learn from those kinds of processes by ensuring that we improve on our electoral processes.

We must learn to count in Nigeria. We must learn to write voters’ names on the registration list and in digital form as well. We must learn to write names of people and not ghosts. Nigerian politicians must learn how to play fair and without bitterness.

We still know the reasons why our politics is a matter of life and death. It is for the simple reason that almost every politician is a potential thief. It is very pertinent that we get it right with the fight against corruption. This is one of the ways to reduce the tension on the political scene. If we bundle say like 500 politicians into prison tomorrow, those who are contenders in the forth coming election will reduce drastically because many of them have the intention to steal and loot.

Anyway back to Jonathan. I guess the anticipation is that he will serve-out the remaining term of his master-Yar Adua. If anybody thinks Yar Adua is coming back, please let them wake up. A vibrant mind can be weakened by the smallest of leadership position. A mind as dull and weak as Yar Adua should rest and seek personal peace. I hope he finds that if he ever gets discharged.

In 2004 I spent 1 month in a hospital. So believe me, I know what that man is looking forward to IF he gets discharged. You want to be with your family, you want to see the people you love and those who care about you. The last thing you longed for are obligations that will take your soul apart.

What will Nigeria become under Mr. Goodluck Jonathan? I will never place my hopes or any form of high expectations on him. He is a lucky man, no doubts! I wonder what he is thinking about at this moment. His job is a little bit similar to that of Obama. He is inheriting burdens and loads of problems. The difference is that Obama got his legitimately while he is probably blooming in illegality since 2007.

I wonder what he can do about corruption in Nigeria when he has been a part of the whole mess for a long time. Even his wife was caught with millions of foreign currency and we never had of the case any more. What will he do about NEPA? We almost have no electricity in Nigeria. Who are we going to turn to, to solve our unemployment problems? Water, housing, roads, education and so on.

Will Goodluck stick to the useless and pointless evil 7 points agenda? OR will he pick just one item, make it good and achieve at least one positive thing in the limited time he has. Considering that he has followed a master who has no plan since 2007, has he made any plan since November that will show that he is ready for this new post? Will he give Nigeria a New Year package by just sacking that useless Attorney General for a start? The attorney General of Nigeria is a scandal to the black race.

What is going on in Jonathan’s mind? Will he be timid because of the shadows and skeletons in his cupboard? We don’t need any more rulers in Nigeria. We have waited for 50 years to get a leader. How does this man wants to be remembered when he’s done under his short dispensation? History is always waiting to be written.

Long live Nigeria..!


  1. I think and believe that Goodluck Jonathan will do at least one good job before his time elapses. If he can handle Power Generation to the fullest which no Regime has done will give him a good remark and can sustain him in the next election. But we must not live by Light alone. Other things will be done at least 50% within the short period.

    For now, let’s pray for God to guide him and direct him properly because I believe for him to be there today God has a good package for Nigerians. From Deputy Governor to Governor to Vice President now to President. God confirms the wise with foolish things.


  2. Thanks for an insightful piece. We celebrate only 50yrs of ‘independence’ from a dire colonial form of leadership, so I do think there are excuses to the madness which is our politics though. Nonetheless, Mr Jonathan’s presidency makes me nervous.


  3. If we have the absolute answers to the questions posed in the the last paragraph, then I would have tagged us ‘Supernatural’. Unfortunately, we cannot know what is going on in Goodluck’s mind, except he gives them expression in action.
    I can only suggest we try as much as possible not to have an extremely pessimistic attitude towards how he handles his new office. The danger in doing that, is that we will see no good in any attempt he puts forth to make things right. He can’t solve all the problems in one-day or quarter-to-go of a tenure. But whatever he does, let us attempt to give it a balanced and constructive critical appraisal and always hope for the best.


  4. Goodluck Jonathan is okay to be the Nigerian president. He can do the work of president more than the real president of Nigeria. He can’t go out and stay so long like this even if he went for a medical check-up. Come to think of this more, I think he is the best for us (Nigeria). I believe there must be a change if we give him chance. Good Luck Nigeria.


  5. If he can make agriculture his priority, he will survive where most of our leaders failed. All agricultural our research stations are as dead as the dodo bird. Everybody wants a bit of the oil money. Let Mr Jonathan redirect Nigeria to the promise land and the whole world will be behind him. As his name implies, I wish him Goodluck


  6. We should certainly back him, and have faith in him. However, not blindly, as his political background is not squeaky clean. We need to start letting our leaders know that they are accountable for their actions. Keeping the public eye on them (rather than blind faith) increases their sense of responsibility


  7. Mr. Goodluck is not the sort of man that inspires confidence…aren’t there better candidates that can come forward? His very appearance causes great fear and worry, his hat brings to mind a “mafia”. I don’t know what most Nigerians think, but a man of Obasanjo’s appearance, or a man of a more truly Nigerian bearing would be better for the country’s image. Regardless of his educational pedigree, there are more Nigerians of greater pedigree; I have no faith in him. Mr. Auda may not retun to the presidency, but for the reigns of power to rest permanently in the hands of Mr. Goodluck, would be a mistake that would not advance “Thy Glory O Nigeria.” The pedulum of Glory swings away from what I fear he may prove to be.


  8. The tenure of this “Mr. Goodluck” should be serverly limited, then terminated less the national dignity of this “Glorious Country” which
    everyone honors, be tainted with what appears to be at least, a very bad joke, or at most – a nation willfully and purposefully dishonoring itself.


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