Wasting Nigeria’s Money, Wasting Our Time and Lives

Adeola Aderounmu

In the last 60 days The Presidency in Nigeria may have spent nothing less than N30 Billion in lobbies only. This is to prevent the debate on Yar Adua’s health in the National Assembly. I continue to insist that Nigeria is governed by mad people!! It can only be madness to do this type of thing. Whoever is approving the money and whoever is accepting are also part of the madness in Nigeria’s government.

Last year one man spent over N2 billion naira oscillating the universe because they call him the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Add these sums to the billions of naira that are stolen daily across Nigeria and you may arrive at the reasons why Nigeria is populated by poor people living on less than a dollar a day. You will arrive at the point where you will understand why the quality of lives in Nigeria is depictive of a failed state despite the oil wealth of the nation and the vast unutilised agricultural and natural resources.

I will consider as a HUGE JOKE the idea that Mr. Yar Adua will be brought back to Nigeria on a stretcher and made to rule from a life support machine. It will be the BIGGEST joke in the history of man to have an invalid at the helm of affairs of a nation of 150m strong, capable, determined and indefatigable people. Nigeria will not only continue to be a laughing stock, we will by that time be erased from world map if that ever happens!

How much more money and how much more time do we have to spend on this wasteful family holding 150m of us to ransom? So they want to build a life support machine in Aso rock? Let them also go ahead and build a life-prolonging machine as well. Life support will not be enough!

I salute Nigerians who have began to take to the streets to make their voices and frustrations known. I salute the Wole Soyinkas, the Chinua Achebes and the Femi Falanas of this world. I salute the Nigerian worker, I salute the Nigerian woman and children. I salute all the brave people who are now talking and acting for the rest of us.

The revolution is starting slowly and that is exactly how it should be. I salute all the Nigerians abroad especially those who have defiled the cold weathers to join the long march to freedom. All of these actions will converge in the days ahead to get the evil and wicked people out of our government. They will be gone soon.

We must ensure that we keep up the tempo, the pressure and never to neglect ourselves in these trying times. I salute Nigerians for what they have done so far and I know that with such actions, will and determination, the journey on the long road to our liberation, to our freedom and to our real independence have just started.

Together we will get there and freedom and peace will come to our children and children’s children. I still believe in Nigeria..!

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