Castro’s Views on the US Elections

By Adeola Aderounmu.

Sky news reported a very disturbing news that it’s a miracle Barack Obama has not been assassinated.

Castro noted “Millions of whites cannot reconcile in their minds with the idea that a black man with his wife and children would move into the White House, which is called just like that – White”

This is the second time that assassination will be connected to Obama. Does anyone remember Hilary Clinton’s goof as the time that she failed to reconcile in her mind that she’d actually lost the democratic nomination to Obama. She opined devilishly that Obama could be assassinated by making reference to some ugly incidents in the US History.

Obama and his family must pay more attention to their security details as the Election Day approaches and beyond. Superstitions are very famous where I come from and to disregard the repetition of evil ideas is like sleeping naked in the snow.

Castro has more words for McCain and Palin who everybody now knows was a very catastrophic addition to the Republican’s hope of clinching the presidency in November. Personally, I have been wondering if Palin is the most intelligent Republican or republican woman fit for that position. There must be a severe dearth of intelligence in the Republican Party in the US. According to Castro “Sarah Palin knew nothing at all about anything”.

The world will look forward to a living Obama on Thursday for the last presidential debate. McCain will get one last chance to change the polls in his favour before the actual vote. Obama will have his hands full to convince the yet undecided voters of how to cast their votes on Nov 4.

Obama’s lead should not be taken yet for a victory. This will be the longest 3 weeks in the life of Obama as he will continue to hope that the opinion polls continue to tilt in his favour. With the inexperience and careless Palin, the next 3 weeks could be roll-roasting for the democrats as they attempt to make a black man to occupy a house built for (in Castro’s word) the white.

As Bush goes on his last 100 days in office, the world is watching not only for the way out of the Global financial mess but also the way out for one of the most controversial presidents in US History. George Bush will go down in history as a war time president but it will remain questionable if the wars are justifiable in the first place.

Indeed, the world needs a change and a different perspective to view things. November 4 will be the time to accept or reject that change.

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