Yar’Adua orders probe of €10m scandal / for what?

Adeola Aderounmu.

Siemens: Yar’Adua orders probe of €10m scandal / for what?

Yes, I asked probe for what?

What is the need for this probe when all Yar Adua has done so far since he became an illegitimate president is to support rogues and looters like Ibori.

Ibori has stolen money from the people of Delta State. He is a friend of Yar Adua and Yar Adua and Mike Aondoankaa are doing all they can to let Ibori escape with the loot and enjoy it.

So, what is the rationale to order a probe into the Siemens scandal?

What will Yar Adua do with the outcome of the probe? I know the answer. He will send Aondoankaa to Germany with several letters on why the corrupt Nigerian officials should not be prosecuted or why they must follow the rule of law to let looters escape.

Please Mr. Yar Adua, stop deceiving yourself, ok! Enough of this rubbish.

Before you probe this SIEMENS case, hold on a while.

Give EFCC all the necessary support to first of all prosecute all the governors who are running around with Nigeria’s money. We don’t want plea bargaining, let them return our money and let them go to jail if they are found guilty in the process.

Follow this procedure for all the governors and for the man who put you in this illegal position, Obasanjo. If you are a man, please encourage EFCC to extend its drag net to the likes of Atiku, Babangida, Buhari and all living looters. AND if the nets entangles you, so be it-on your honour!

When you have done these things, then you can descend on this SIEMENS case which is still fresh and can wait for a while.

In the absence of doing the right thing and first thing first, please you and your spokesman should keep quiet and let’s have our peace until we revolt against you all.

Thank you.

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