Yar’ Adua: Time does not take away illegality

Adeola Aderounmu.

After more than 100 days in office, what does one expect from a typical Nigerian?

“Leave him alone; let’s give him time to see how well he will perform”.

“Give him a chance, it’s God that put him there”.“Who do you want, is it Atiku?

Is he not better than Atiku and Kalu put together”?

“Is he not even doing better than the Baba that put him there”?

“Ok, is he not better than Alamieyeseigha”?

Nice comments and questions! But 10 wrongs do not make a right!

All the names listed above and thousands more on our political landscape in Nigeria represent the names of thieves and rogues.

Alamieyeseigha was given a royal welcome in Bayelsa State. Indeed, Nigerians remain the greatest enemies of Nigeria.

The time that has passed since the last charade called elections has neither heal the deep wounds that were created nor bestow any form of legitimacy on the fake government.Indeed, we have seen more expositions of how idiots have taken a firm grip on the Nigerian nation, entrapping it in the process.

Setting up an electoral reform committee is not a recipe to acquiring legitimacy. Obasanjo should be in chains now explaining his role in the scandalous election of 2007. Iwu should also be fished out. They committed serious crimes against Nigeria.

Sweeping dirt under the carpet can make the house look clean but the house will stink at the same time. And for as long as the house stinks, the occupants will be sick. A stinking house can also cause deaths! This is the situation we are in in Nigeria. 

We pretend like it is alright, it is under control but it is not! We are talking about the existence of 140 million people, not a few privileged people.

It is not alright to renovate a new house with 6 million dollars.

It is not alright for a servant leader and self righteous chemistry teacher to accept the result of a shameful election.

It is not alright to have David Mark as the senate leader. His past does not merit that. He stole, big time!

It is not alright because your dad, mum, brother, sister or cousin is a beneficiary of this stupid government.

It is not alright that the EFCC allowed all these thieves to go on plea bargaining.

It is not alright for petty thieves to rot in jail without trials while big time-pot bellies, pen robbers- politicians walk around as free men and (now women too). 

It is not alright to allow Patricia Etteh to stay one day longer as the 4th most powerful person in Nigeria.  It is ridiculous. More salt to an existing injury!

It is not alright because majorities are suffering.

What is alright is to do things the right way. Conduct credible elections (like in Sierra Leone).Prosecute and jail thieves called politicians, (stop plea bargaining).

What is alright is for Nigerians to sit down and discuss about their lives, how they want it to be 10, 20, 50 and 100 years from now and the legacies that they want to bequeath to their generations unborn. These were some of the steps taken by powerful nations of today. The foundations were laid many years ago.

The time has come for Nigeria and Nigerians to make the first bold step and lay the foundation. The alternative is everlasting poverty and misery! Manna stopped falling over 2000 years ago! 

Nigeria, may your glory come!

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