Nigerians;Very Hopeful!

Adeola Aderounmu

We are very unique in Nigeria. We have once been described as the happiest people on earth.

 Once again, regardless of all odds, we have moved on with our lives.

 Nigerians have always wished Nigeria well and indeed we as Nigerians deserve a reciprocative love from our self-proclaimed slave masters.

Did anyone else realised that slavery quietly crept back fully into the Nigeria system recently? 

 We have been slapped on every corner of our face with illegality and heinous crimes, but our resiliency persists.

 We are indeed hopeful.

 May Nigerians wake up one day to a glorious morning. The morning when all the dreams will start coming true.

May we wake up one day to begin to understand the fundamentals of human rights and the essence of life. May we wake up one day and never wait for the manna from heaven but for the fruits of our diligent labour.

May that day come when the good of all shall surpass the evil of the few.

May the day come when intelligence will arise above stupidity and when common sense will finally be common.

May the HOPE of the just and down-trodden prevail over the intents of the wicked and selfish. 

May the glory of Nigeria come, SOON!

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